Upgrade Your Hard Drive/SSD



Jan 12, 2023
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Before we get into the components like the processor and physical memory, it can't be overstated how much switching from a hard disk drive to a solid-state drive (SSD) will boost your PC's speed.

While that’s great for the average user who wants quick boot ups and fast data retrieval, it's absolutely crucial for programmers, especially if coding is how you plan on making your income.

With an SSD, you'll spend a lot less time waiting during the many Windows updates and restarts.

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, as there’s typically only a single screw to remove to pull out the old drive.

While SSDs are the way to go for whatever drive your OS has installed, don’t forget you can add a cheap secondary hard disk drive (HDD) for extra storage of files that don’t particularly need to be accessed immediately.


SSDs are one of the best upgrades

Whether you go with the faster SSD or slower but larger HDD, keep in mind you may end up needing a drive large enough to run a dual boot system if you plan on coding in multiple environments.

Virtualization of other operating systems is another option, but that requires a fast CPU and a large amount of RAM to work well.

Finally, don’t forget there’s a cheaper and easier “upgrade” option here that doesn’t involve swapping out components.

Simple cloud storage solutions can alleviate your PC speed problem so long as you have reliable internet speeds in your area and a hardware combo capable of quickly transferring files around.

Which SSD Drive Should You Get?

[one_half_first]Our pick for the best SSD hard drive for coding is the Western Digital 4TB SSD. It's fast, reliable, and offers enough space for most projects — even if they're space-intensive like game development.