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Jun 7, 2022
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Ransomware - data decryption from cryptolocker.

Data_recovery - is the only company
specializing in data recovery
after a computer is hit by a cryptolocker virus

Since 2016, we have successfully fought the effects of viruses such as:

- Makop     
- Dharma    
- Phobos               
- LockBit              
- Avaddon             
- Darkside            
- Rapid               
- REvil               
- Avos                
- Zeppelin
- Polaris
- Conti
- Netwalker
- WannaCry
- Ryuk
- Bad Rabbit
- Maze
- GandCrab
- Stop/Djvu

For more than five years of flawless work Data_recovery experts have studied thousands of variations of malware activity, and perhaps even in a seemingly hopeless situation we can offer a solution that will get your data back.
Technical support from Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Web and other well-known anti-virus software companies in response to user requests to decrypt data informs that it is impossible to do so in a reasonable amount of time.

Why us?
Our advantages over other companies:
- Cheaper
- Faster
- Reliable
A general recommendation is not to pay ransom. By sending money to cyber criminals, you confirm that ransomware Trojans are doing their job, and there is no guarantee that in return you will get the key you need to decrypt your data.

Note :
Send 2 samples of encrypted files to analyze the decryption capability: one text file (doc, docx, odt, txt or rtf up to 5 MB in size), the other a graphic file (jpg, png, bmp, tif or pdf up to 5 MB in size). A malicious note file is also needed. After examining the files, we will advise you on the cost.

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Please consider subscribing to a reliable anti-malware app to avoid similar problems in the future.

  • We don't recommend paying the ransom unless there is absolutely no other choice. 99% of those who paid the ransom never got access to their data. 1% reported that after they paid the ransom, they started getting additional ransom demands. At the end of the day, we are talking about criminals.

Our technical support is available 24/7
Telegram: @dr_Data_recovery
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Jabber:   [email protected]             
Mail address: [email protected]

Our before-crypt company can help you decrypt your files
After studying your case, and generating decrypt keys, you will get the following:

-Decryption application for Windows and ESXi
-A detailed overview of the intrusion with a basic chain of custody and security recommendations

*In case you require an outsourced data recovery team, we can offer you a proven team that has successfully worked with us on many projects.

Our public website
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