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Udemy - React Three Fiber
English | Tutorial | Size: 4.71 GB

Learn about Threejs and React using React Three Fiber and Drei
Welcome to my course on React Three Fiber.
If you've ever tried to read the React Three Fiber documentation, you may have noticed the phrase,
"You need to be versed in both React and Threejs before rushing into this."
And this is the gap that this course will try to help you fill.
We will look at the basics of using React Three Fiber with Threejs and introduce many of the great helpers that you also get when using the Drei library.
At the end, we would have covered many of the requirements to understand how to build your own React Three Fiber projects, and also understand the official examples better, so that you can confidently continue on your own to build much more complex applications in the future.
As we progress though the course, we will learn new concepts in each lesson, that will be in context from the previous lesson, so that you will understand better the problem that each new concept was designed to solve.
React Three Fiber is great for working with Threejs, and I am sure you will like it to. It's very clear, minimal, the code looks neat, and you will be able to create very robust applications in a very short amount of time.
All the code demonstrated is provided in the accompanying documentation that you also have access to for free, so that you will be able to easily copy/paste and participate alongside the videos.
So, there is much to learn, but in the end, you will have developed the techniques required to build your own Three.js projects declaratively, with re-usable self-contained components, that react to state and will be able to participate in the ever-expanding React ecosystem.
Thanks for taking part in my course, and I hope to see you there.
Sean Bradley


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