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How to build a perfect lab at home and gain some experience


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Udemy - How to build a perfect lab at home and gain some experience
English | Tutorial | Size: 588.58 MB

Learn how to create a network and lab at home for any Cisco exam. A custom-made rack for CCENT, CCNA, and other exams
Here is another course on my list with one goal: to show you how to become a better network engineer and gain some experience. We all know that passing Cisco and other IT exams is not enough. Are you unsure how to improve your knowledge and increase your experience? Are you struggling to find a job, or do you feel trapped in the one you have?
In this course you will find:
Differences between a lab and a real network
A list of recommended Cisco devices for CCENT, CCNA, CCNA Sec, and CCNP students
A presentation of a cool, custom-made rack
Check out some neat cabling (Panduit cable management)
Cisco devices: ASA 5506, 1900, 2960, 890, 2700, and more for a lab (1800, 2800, 3560, 3750)
Detailed explanations of all devices
A lot of tips and recommendations
HP Microserver with Windows Server 2016 and Synology NAS
Learn how to create a perfect lab and network at home
Excellent to help with your Cisco / CCNA studies
Do you want to gain some experience after passing an IT exam? Maybe you are studying towards CCENT or CCNA at the moment? You have come to the right place. Marious shares his passion for networking and encourages you to learn more about networking by presenting a very unique project - a custom-made rack with ASA 5506, Cisco 2960, HP Microserver, NAS, and Cisco Access Point Aironet 2700. And more!
Remember that passing an exam is not enough. You need a real lab at home. Check out this unique course and see how I created a custom rack with a lot of cool Cisco devices to help me gain some experience.
Sound interesting? Join now!


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