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Splunk Zero to Hero


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Udemy - Splunk Zero to Hero
English | Tutorial | Size: 4.14 GB

For those who want to start and want to know where to go and how to go
What you'll learn
How Data flows in Splunk
Big Data Analysis in Splunk
Visualizing the data and Telling a Story
How is Splunk used in real world use cases
No requirements are needed for this course
This course offers the wide range of years where the Splunk is used and how can it be used to improve the understanding and analysis of data. Mainly this course tells you how to learn Splunk and progress in it as Beginner. The courses are in the comprehension level of no expertise. To start your journey and understanding where you want to go this is the course that you need as your guide.  Contents are structured in a way for the learners to understand in do by learning pace. Splunk is a enormous platform where there is a lot of things to be understood to the workflow of the Splunk. This course will help with grasping the advanced topics with ease and as result of the fundamentals being repeated in the advanced demonstration you will feel more comfortable. The course starts with the understanding of Splunk and its components. Next talking about ways of forwarding data to and within itself. The different ways of data forwarding is briefly explained. Then explaining how Splunk search works and how it pipes the commands when typed in the search textbox ad then the most used commands are also spoken about with example. Comparison of the eval command and lookups which is concept comparison which will help you to know when to use what. To understand the uses of the different types of visualizations a beautiful scenario with a real-world data is shown in this course


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