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Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA) Training With Lab


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Udemy - Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA) Training With Lab
English | Tutorial | Size: 2.91 GB

Learn Cisco SD-Access in the simplest way
In this Course we will learn below topics and perform below labs.
Section1_Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Section2_Introduction to Cisco SDA
Control Plane in Traditional Networking
Data Plane in Traditional Networking
Management Plane in Traditional Networking
What is SDN (Software Defined Networking)
SDN Controller
SDN Benefits and Drawback
Application Programming Interface (API)
SDN Solutions Offered by Cisco (ACI vs SD-WAN vs SDA)
Section3_SDA Architecture
What is Cisco SDA and Intent-Based Networking (IBN)
SDA Operational Planes
SDA Layers
Section4_AnyCast Gateway
AnyCast Gateway
Section5_Locator Identifier Separation Protocol(LISP)
Locator Identifier Separation Protocol(LISP)
LISP Control Plane
LISP Message Type
LISP Data Plane
Section6_Virtual Extensible LAN(VXLAN)
Why Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) is Required in SDA
Virtual Extensible LAN(VXLAN)
Section7_Cisco TrustSec (CTS)
Cisco TrustSec (CTS)
Virtual Network (VN) and Scalable Group Tags (SGT)
How SGT Works in SDA
Section8_Protocols used in SDA
Protocols Used in SDA
Routing Protocols for Underlay in SDA
Section9_SDA Components
Cisco SDA Fabric
Underlay & Overlay (Network & Devices)
Fabric Edge Node (FEN)
Fabric Border Node (FBN)
Control Plane Node (CPN)
Fusion Router
Shared Services
Fabric WLC
Digital Network Architecture Center Controller (DNAC)
Identity Services Engine (ISE)
Miscellaneous Components (Fabric In A BOX & Intermediate Nodes)
Cisco SDA Compatibility Matrix
Section10_SDA Traffic Flow
SDA Traffic Flow: Endpoints Belong To Same Subnet
SDA Traffic Flow: Endpoints Belong To Different Subnet & Subnets Behind Known Border Router
SDA Traffic Flow: Endpoints Communication With Unknown Destination
SDA Traffic Flow: Endpoints Communication With Shared Subnets
Section11_Lab_IP Pool & Lab Topology Overview
IP Pools Overview
Cisco SDA Lab Topology Overview
Section12_Lab_Cisco DNAC Introduction
DNAC GUI Overview
Cisco DNAC Integration with Cisco ISE
Section13_Lab_Cisco DNAC Design
Network Hierarchy Design
Network Settings Configuration
Device Credentials Configuration
IP Address Pools Configuration
Network Profiles Configuration
SSID Configuration
Section14_Lab_Cisco DNAC Discovery
Discovery Tool for Discovery of Fusion, Border and Edge Node
Manual Discovery of Wireless Controller
Assign Devices to the Site
Device Provisioning BORDER and EDGE Node
Device Provisioning Wireless Controller
Discover & Configure Fabric Edge Underlay Using LAN Automation
Section15_Lab_SD-Access Fabric
Configure Virtual Networks (VN)
Configure Security Group Tags (SGT)
Assign Security Group Tags (SGT) to Virtual Networks (VN)
Configure SDA Fabric Site
Configure SDA Fabric Role
Section16_Lab_Host On-boarding
Host Onboarding-Part1 (Configure Authentication Template)
Host Onboarding-Part2 (Assign IP Pool to VN)
Host Onboarding-Part3 (Assign IP Pool to SSID)
Host Onboarding-Part4 (Configure FEN Ports)
Section17_Lab_Internet Transit BGP HandOff
Internet Transit BGP Handoff Configuration
Section18_Lab_Client Verification
Wired client connectivity verification
Wireless client connectivity verification
Section19_Lab_Fabric In A Box (FIAB)
Fabric In A Box (FIAB)
Build Second Fabric Site
Configure and Deploy FIAB
SDA Transit Configuration For Second Fabric Site
Section20_Lab_Traffic Segmentation
Macro Segmentation & Micro Segmentation
Policy Configuration
Contract Configuration
Section21_Lab_Cisco DNAC Assurance
DNAC Assurance-Network & Client Health
DNAC Assurance-Platform Assurance
DNAC Assurance-Audit Logs
Run Commands from DNAC



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