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Adobe Photoshop 2023 v24.1.1.238 Multilingual PreActivated by m0nkrus


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Adobe Photoshop 2023 v24.1.1.238 Multilingual PreActivated by m0nkrus


Windows x64 Interface language : English / Hungarian / Dutch / Danish / Spanish / Italian / Chinese (simplified) / Chinese (traditional) / Korean / German / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese (Brazil) / Russian / Turkish / Ukrainian / Finnish / French / Czech / Swedish / Japanese / English (UK) / Arabic English / Hebrew English / Spanish (Mexico) / French (Morocco) / French (Canada) Medicine : Cured

System requirements:
• 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 (version 1909 or later) ; Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
• Intel or AMD multi-core processor with 64-bit OS support, SSE 4.2, 2 GHz or faster
• 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
• 4 GB free hard disk space ( 16 GB recommended) GB); additional free space required for installation
• Video card with 1.5 GB VRAM (4 GB recommended) with DirectX 12 support
• 1280x800 screen resolution (1920x1080 recommended) with 100% UI scaling
• Internet connection and registration required to access online services

Anything you can imagine can be created in Adobe Photoshop , one of the best imaging and graphic design applications. From photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation and graphic design, you can create it all in Adobe Photoshop . Bring ideas to life on desktops and iPads. Use artificial intelligence technology for fast editing. Learn new skills and share your work with the community. With our latest release, doing amazing things has never been easier. Adobe Photoshop

professional toolsfacilitate daily editing or complete image conversion. Crop, remove objects, retouch and combine photos. Play with color and effects. Work with an unlimited number of layers and masks. Illustrations, posters, packaging, banners, websites - all your design projects start with Adobe Photoshop . Combine photos and text to create completely new images. And rethink the art of photography!
Benefits of Adobe Photoshop 2023
- Incredible image editing capabilities with neural filters
Quickly add color to a frame, combine multiple landscapes to create a completely new one, transfer colors from one image to another, or change someone's expression, age or pose.

- Quick selection
Now you can automatically select a part of the image: just hover over it and click. Missed a snippet? Keep pressing until you get the desired result.

- Improved Illustrator and Photoshop integration An
Adobe Illustrator vector image can now be pasted into Photoshop while preserving colors, strokes, masks and layers.

- Collaboration and commenting
Share your projects online, on PC, or on iPad and ask colleagues to leave comments.

- Plug-ins help you stay focused
Stay in the creative flow with new plug-ins available in Photoshop and the Creative Cloud desktop app that you can quickly install and use right away.
List of changes made
- The assembly was created on the basis of the Adobe standalone installer version, which is not available to the general public.
- From the installer, with the exception of the required minimum, the Adobe Desktop Common module is cut out, which is installed by the original installer without fail.
- From the installer, the Adobe Creative Cloud module is completely cut out, which is installed by the original installer without fail.
- The installer provides a choice of installation path and program interface language, as well as the ability to run the program immediately after the installation is completed.
- During installation, a "video carousel" was launched in the installer window, demonstrating the capabilities of the program.
- In the menu for selecting the interface language of the installed program, a false indication of support for additional six languages has been corrected.
- Unlocked the ability to install the program on Windows 10 junior versions.
- Updated Adobe Photoshop core module to version
- Updated the Adobe Camera Raw helper to version
- Updated the Adobe CCX Process helper to version
- Updated the Adobe CoreSync helper module to version
- Updated the Adobe CAI helper to version
- Added Adobe CC Library helper module version
- Disabled spy modules Log Transport Application and CRLog Transport Application.
- On the Home screen (start window), the notification about the passage / end of the trial period is hidden.
- The program has already been cured. After authorization, you can use cloud storage, libraries and other online services.
Question: I can't click the "Continue" button because the contents of the window do not fit in the window itself, and the button is out of view. What to do?
Answer: This occasionally happens on crookedly configured OS. The keyboard has a TAB key. Click it to the desired menu item.

Question: When starting the installation, I get the error "SSE 4.2 or later" (SSE 4.2 or later). What to do?
A: According to Adobe , Photoshop 2021 and later requires a processor that supports SSE 4.2 or later. Alas, if your processor does not support this architecture, then this version of Photoshop will not work on your computer.

Question: The installation did not complete due to an unknown error. What to do?
Answer: Familiarize yourself with the decoding of error codes . Also, I recommend to study the installation log. It is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\Install.log. Perhaps here you will get more detailed information about the problem and how to fix it.

Question: I have a plug at the initial stage of the installation, not described above. Can you suggest something?
Answer: Try to replace the Set-up.exe file used in the distribution kit with the one downloaded from here .

Question: What about medicines for this version of the program?
Answer:A number of files were patched using the uncia hacker's method. The cured files are built into the installer by me, so you do not need to do anything special for curing. Just in case, the original files are saved with the .bak extension. To restore them, remove the .bak extension from these files and replace the existing patched files with them.

Question: What about disabling spyware?
Answer:The spy modules Log Transport Application (LogTransport2.exe) and CRLog Transport Application (CRLogTransport.exe) are disabled. The files that initialize them have been renamed to LogTransport2.exe.bak and CRLogTransport.exe.bak, respectively. If you suddenly have a desire to restore their performance, just remove the .bak extension from them. Anticipating the question of some users, why, they say, the same AdobeIPCBroker.exe is not blocked, I want to say that some of the online services will not work without it.

Q: When I open the program, I get the error "Adobe Creative Cloud, needed to resolve the problem, is missing or damaged...". What to do?
Answer:You still have "tails" in the system from previous installations of Adobe Creative Cloud components. They must be removed. To do this, use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool . As the component to remove, first select All, and then Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop. After that, reinstall the failed program. Such cleaning with reinstallation will not damage previously installed programs.

Question: What needs to be done to make it possible to work with cloud storage, libraries and other online services?
Answer:To do this, you need to connect to the Adobe server with your ID by selecting "Help-> Sign In" (Help-> Sign In) in the program menu and passing authorization. I strongly recommend that you close the window in which you will be prompted to run a trial version with a cross! After restarting the program, online services will become available.

Question: My neurofilters are not downloading. Why?
Answer:If you are denied downloading neurofilters, then delete the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\UXP\PluginsStorage\PHSP\24\Internal\com.adobe.nfp.gallery\PluginData folder. Do you see the number 24 on the way? If, in addition to folder 24, you also have 23, 22, etc., then you need to clean them out too! After that, restart the program - the filters should start downloading. I recommend that you immediately download all the necessary filters, because when you delete this folder, you also delete all previously downloaded neurofilters.

Question: I want to have Photoshop with two or more interface languages at once with the ability to switch them out of the box. Can this be implemented?
Answer:Initiate a re-installation of the program in another language directly over the already installed one. After that, you will be able to change the interface language using the standard switch in the menu "Editing->Settings->Interface...->Interface Language" (Edit->Preferences->Interface...->UI Language).

Download Details:
Ext: iso
Parts: 2
Size: 3.06 GB

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