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Crash Course Build a Full-Stack Web App in a Weekend!


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Udemy - Crash Course Build a Full-Stack Web App in a Weekend!
English | Tutorial | Size: 6.18 GB

*** Just released in December 2022 ***
A quick, fun, and hands-on introduction to web development. Build a complete app with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React!
"I have already learned more in this class than in a $12,000 coding BootCamp (.). Before taking one of the Bootcamp on Udemy, you should take this class first" - Robert
Do you want to learn the fundamentals of modern web development fast?
Do you want to find out if building websites and apps is the right career path for you?
Or maybe you just want to know what your web developer friends do all day?
In any of these cases.
Welcome to my "Web Development Crash Course"! Together, we will build a fun, small, but full-stack web application in just a few days.
But why this course? And why is it so short?
Well, there are so many 60 and 80-hour-long "complete" web development courses out there, which are great if you want to invest 3 months of your life into finding out if web dev is even right for you or not.
I wanted to offer a different approach. A short and fast crash course, where you can dip your toes into the world of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even React (the most used JavaScript library in the world).
You can finish it in a weekend (if you have nothing else planned), or you can take a week. But the point is that you can learn the very fundamentals of web development quite fast, and in an engaging, 99% project-based way.
And even though this is called a "crash course", this course teaches you more in 12 hours than I learned in my first 2 years as a web developer!
That's how condensed, and how valuable, the material is. And the course still maintains the high-quality standard of all my other courses, so that you actually understand what you are learning!
But you might be thinking: "Is a crash course really right for me?"
Well, it all depends on your goals.
Sure, you will not become a web developer after this short course, and you will not be able to build big web projects (but sometimes that's true even for those huge 80-hour courses).
But, at the end of this course, you will have learned and understood the fundamentals of the most important web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React). And even more importantly, you will have discovered if you actually like web development and want to pursue it as a (lucrative) career!
Plus, you will walk away from this course with a super cool web application that you can show to all your friends (please tell them I sent you 😉
All this will enable you to go deeper into the topics that you actually liked, and keep learning and progressing on your own if you like (or of course, you can purchase more specialized courses).
So, have you never written a single line of code in your life?
You have come to the right place! We will start slowly, step-by-step, and then speed up the pace as we progress through the course.
So here's what we're gonna do in this course:
We will set up your code editor and coding environment together (all for free!)
I will guide you through the basics of the web and web development
Then we slowly start our project, by writing the HTML code (for the page content)
We then style the page and create a layout using CSS
Next we create an online database and API for our application data, using a free service called Supabase
To get the data into the application and make it interactive, we learn the fundamentals of JavaScript
Writing apps with only JavaScript can be difficult, so we build the app using the React library
Finally, we deploy the final project to a free service called Netlify
DONE! You can now share the URL of your project with everyone 🙂
Already know HTML, CSS, or JavaScript?
No problem! You can still get something from the course. For example, you can watch only the section on "React" and use the downloadable code from the previous section as your starting point.
If all this sounds great, then join me on this adventure right now! See you on the inside 🙂



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