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Chart JS, the complete guide. ChartJS missing manual.


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Chart JS, the complete guide. ChartJS missing manual | Udemy [Update 07/2022]
English | Size: 6.95 GB
Genre: eLearning

The Chart JS missing manual. Master how to use ChartJS and become a data visualizer with ChartJS!
What you'll learn
Fully know and understand how Chart JS works.
Know how to create a chart from scratch!
Create your own line chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own bar chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own stacked bar chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own horizontal bar chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own pie chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own donut/doughnut chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own multi level doughnut / pie chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own radar chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own polar area chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own bubble chart from scratch with ChartJS
Create your own scatter chart from scratch with ChartJS
Visualize data into beautiful charts for the web.
Be a professional in ChartJS
Create customized chart titles
Create customized chart legends
Chart JS the missing manual!

Course is has added Chart.js 4 topic
Gradually new videos are being added for Chart.js 4. All new videos are being added in the latest version of Chart.js 4.1.x.
Video of Chart.js 3 will be maintained.
**Most Chart.js 3 video will work with Chart.js 4 as well.
The videos for Chart.js 2 will be maintained for anyone who still needs Chart.js 2 for their development.

Why Should you take this course?
Let me explain my personal story. When I started to learn Chart JS it was a real challenge. Creating charts was already hard, however understanding the documentation was the biggest structure. I could not belief how complicated the documentation was. I felt it was written by expert developers that assume you knew how to already code in Chart JS. Just look at the documentation and a lot is missing out.
I remembered when I finally was able to get a chart on the page. I felt like I won the jackpot. Finally it worked but I quickly realize that what I really wanted was create charts that are directly connected with my database. And nothing about that single topic is found anywhere.
Because of this struggle I decided to create this wonderfully detailed course. This is what I coined as the Chart JS missing manual. Why? Because it covers so much in detail en topics not being shown in Chart JS documentation. This course is what I would say the course I wished I had before starting out. It would save a lot of time and could get me up to speed fast.

How you learn in this Chart JS course?

In this course I will take you from absolute beginner in Chart JS to a professional Chart JS developer. You will be following along with the codes but there is more.
You will get challenging questions about Chart JS.
You will be tested with some challenges in Chart JS and see if you can complete them on time.
You will get problem cases that forces you to think and debug the problems in the chart.

What can you expect from this course?

You will be able to create charts guaranteed! This course is very easy to follow as we are doing step by step. More complicated items will even be discussed line by line.
You will create:
Line chart with Chart JS
Bar chart with Chart JS
Stacked bar chart with Chart JS
Horizontal bar chart with Chart JS
Radar chart with Chart JS
Polar chart with Chart JS
Pie chart with Chart JS
Doughnut chart with Chart JS
Gauge Chart with Chart JS (YES we can make them as well with minor tweaks!)
Bubble chart with Chart JS
Scatter chart with Chart JS
Create Chart Titles
Combo Bar Line Chart
Customize Chart Legends
Customize Chart Tooltips
Chart JS Color management / Gradient / Chart Colors based on color
Drill Down Charts / Clickable Charts
Chart JS with Database MYSQL PHP
Dynamic charts with AJAX update and input forms
You will learn how to make each of these charts and I will be updating these sections every once and a while. ChartJS is developing quickly with many new features and charts. This course will be your absolute reference course for making every possible chart with Chart JS.
And you will be solving some challenging problems to see if you are really a PRO in Chart JS! Some of them are really hard but once you master that you are very skilled to make all kind of charts with Chart JS!

"What Version is this course made?"
This course consist of 3 courses in 1.
One part is dedicated to Chart JS version 4
The first part of this course you will learn codes in the version Chart JS 4.0.x.
New videos are created in latest version Chart JS 4.1.1.
One part is dedicated to Chart JS version 3
The first part of this course you will learn codes in the version Chart JS 3.6.x.
New videos are created in latest version Chart JS 3.7.
The other part is dedicated to Chart JS version 2.
The first part of this course you will learn codes in the version Chart JS 2.7.2.
New videos are created in latest version Chart JS 2.7.3.

"Is Version 3 big difference with Version 4?"
Chart.js has upgraded to a new version. However, this upgrade has limited changes compare to Chart.js 3.
This means that many videos of Chart.js 3 are also working in Chart.js 4.
Secondly, the advance custom chart that we make in the module are build with the Canvas API.
This customization can be used on both Chart.js 3 and Chart.js 4. Why? This is because these are not
directly part of the Chart.js library. They are our own custom creations that we connect directly with Chart.js.
And of course Chart.js is built with the canvas API. So we use the foundational tech which always works
since the beginning of Chart.js inception.

"What is the most exciting part of this course?"
My obsession of having real dynamic charts from a database. It is one of the best skills
that you must know. It is discussed here in depth.

"Do you update the course with new items"
Yes weekly new items appear and currently this course is being hugely extended!

3 Reason why you will love this course!

You will truly learn how to make a chart for the web in a easy step to step follow guide. It is in bite size steps which makes it easy to follow even if you are completely new to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
This course will always be updated with the latest ChartJS development, there are far more charts than those.
This course will be you absolute reference sheet for ChartJS. It covers the most important aspects of Chart JS library and makes sure you are ready to start using it to build chart.

The main objective of this course

Make Chart JS accessible for everyone who wants to learn it. At the end of this course you MUST and WILL be confident that you can create any chart with Chart JS with ease.

Let's go and start make those Charts!

It is time to dive in! Start and create your charts for the web! Join this course and make the web a more chart friendly place!
Who this course is for:
Data workers that need to translate data into visuals.
Web programmers that need to make use of charts for the web.
Data analyst that needs to find new methods to consume data faster or present data effectively
Professionals that need to create charts for the web.
Beginners or advanced programmers that truly want to learn how to get started with ChartJS
People who tried to learn ChartJS but struggle because the ChartJS documentation is not good.
This course is build for every type of user. (Beginner, advanced or for people with no single knowledge all.)



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