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Windows 11 22H2 Light Build 22621.1105 x64 January 2023


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Windows 11 22H2 Light Build 22621.1105 x64 January 2023


Windows x64 | English US | File Size: 2.8 GB

This is the latest version of Windows OS releases, with new interface and other new features like new Microsoft Store, a new personalized feed powered by AI and best-in-class browser performance from Microsoft Edge, Chat from Microsoft Teams integrated in the taskbar and many more!
Designed to provide users with a Stock Like Experience, but offer more control and flexibility.
Unlike my 'Windows X-Lite' Builds that are tweaked to run as light and fast as possible, This new Build Series 'Windows Light By FBConan' focuses on keeping Windows in it's stock form, but allows the end user to have more control over the most difficult things to disable, like Windows Defender and Automatic Updates. And also bypasses what's needed to install this build on any PC. This Gives the user the freedom, and control they may crave to keep the experience stock like, or have a blank slate to implement their own tweaks and customizations to.
This build also allows users to choose what Windows Apps they want installed, as the only pre-installed Apps are Notepad and Paint. Installers for the MS Store, and several other commonly used UWP Apps are also included, and are completely optional.
**There are two Builds in this ISO.
This First Has Nothing Removed, Nothing Disabled.
The Second (Defender Off) Has Defender Permanently Disabled.
• Un-Tweaked Build (Will Function like a Stock Windows Build!)
• Automatic Updates Paused Indefinitely by Default! (Can Be Resumed)
• Optional Windows Defender! (Selectable During Windows Setup)
• No Pre-Installed Software
• No Pre-Installed Windows Apps (Except Notepad and Paint)
• Windows Store App Installer Included
• Several Other Windows App Installers Included
• Classic Notepad Restored
• Classic Calculator Restored
• Modern Notepad and Paint apps updated to the latest available versions
• Widgets updated to the latest available Insider version
• Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, Storage, and CPU Checks
• Bypasses Forced MS Account Creation During Setup / Installation

Download Details:
Ext: rar
Parts: 3
Size: 2.78 GB

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good !

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