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DownStream Products 2023 (14.6.1876) Win x64


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[b]DownStream Products 2023 (14.6.1876) | 1.7 Gb[/b]
[b]Product:[/b]DownStream Products
[b]Version:[/b]2023 (14.6.1876)
[b]Supported Architectures:[/b]x64
[b]Website Home Page :[/b]www.downstreamtech.com
[b]Languages Supported:[/b]english
[b]System Requirements:[/b]Windows *
[b]Size:[/b]1.7 Gb

The software developer DownStream Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of CAM350/DFMStream 14.6 (1876) & BluePrint-PCB 6.6 (1876) is an update release and includes defect fixes and enhancements.

[b][i]DownStream CAM350 14.6 Build 1876 Issues Resolved - Date: 1/10/2023[/i][/b]
71854 IPC2581 Rev C import enhancement to support updated SlotCavity element
71667 Altium ODB++ import issue - surface island overlapping with multiple holes
71614 ODB++ import - components w/ no outline and no pins are not visible by default
71605 Print to PDF on large polygon has data missing
71282 Panel - symbols placement limits digits
68839 ODB++ Via Name attributes for Drills are different in 6.5
[b][i]DownStream BluePrint 6.6 Build 1876 Release Notes Summary - Date: 1/10/2023[/i][/b]
71895 Pads should not be used to determine component outline width in Format Component dialog
71877 BluePrint API calls Close() and Exit(), when dialog open and waiting for user response, results in crash
71854 IPC2581 Rev C import enhancement to support updated SlotCavity element
71833 Data Table should identify layers of type "Conductive film/foil" as a PCB layer (copper)
71670 DXF of bottom side PCB, imported into CAM350 and then mirrored (to make right readable) and then exported as DXF and imported into BluePrint...text is offset as compared to CAM350
71614 ODB++ import issue - components with no outline and no pins are not visible by default
71607 New API methods to move Notes to previous and to next Note Block Sections
71536 BluePrint required resources not available when using backdrill templates
71532 Backdrill Stackup Template - Drill Span Options not working correctly
71531 Backdrill Stackup Template - Drill Span tab does notreflect actual columns in Backdrill Stackup display
71514 Backdrill stackup template does not auto expand for this design
71417 New API method support for Start number offset in Format Note Block dialog
71362 Fixed component fill colors issue in OGL displaying - all component fills as black
71313 Change Font Height for Design View incorrectly updates Font Height for PCB View
70962 New mechanism for detecting when a design file has changed in a DPD
70907 New API method to be able to control Fill option for Lines
68839 ODB++ Via Name attributes for Drills are different in 6.5
64060 API enh to support parts list attributes for Callout links
[b]DownStream's solutions[/b]are the defacto standard for engineering professionals to post process PCB designs. Our tools help to create and distribute all the deliverables required for a complete PCB manufacturing and assembly release package.
[b]CAM350[/b]is the industry de facto standard for verification, optimization and output generation to efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication and part of the truly integrated manufacturing data preparation solution from DownStream Technologies.
[b]DFMStream[/b]is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use tool suite designed to help engineers and designers analyze, verify and optimize a PCB design for successful manufacturing. It checks design and manufacturing rules on PCB design databases, Gerber and NC data any time during the PCB design cycle. DFMStream also fosters collaboration between engineer/designer and fabricator.
[b]BluePrint-PCB[/b]works your PCB CAD system and/or CAM350 to help you quickly produce comprehensive electronic drawings to drive PCB fabrication, assembly and inspection processes.
[i]CAM350 14.6 Demo and new features[/i]
[i]This video shows the new features on CAM350 and DFMStream V 14.6 as well as the analysis tools in both products.[/i]
[b]DownStream Technologies, LLC[/b]is a software and services company focused on helping high-tech engineering organizations optimize and automate the PCB Release Process. We deliver a truly integrated manufacturing data preparation platform. Our solutions allow engineering and manufacturing teams to work together to transition Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) designs into successful, physical PCBs, faster and and without compromise.

[code] Download from Fikper

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