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VideoProc Converter 5.4 Multilingual


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[center][b][color=#ff0000][u]VideoProc Converter 5.4 Multilingual


[center][b][color=#ff0000]File size: 69.54 MB[/color][/b][/center]

VideoProc comes as the No.1 fast video processing software that peaks Level-3 Hardware Acceleration fully powered by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, delivering buttery smooth (4K) video editing and transcoding without compromising quality.
[b][color=#ff0000]CPU Only[/color][/b]
39% of video programs lack support for GPU acceleration.
[b][color=#ff0000]GPU Acceleration[/color][/b]
GPU acceleration can speed up video encode / decode greatly.
[b][color=#ff0000]Full Hardware Acceleration[/color][/b]
Up to 47x real-time faster! VideoProc's unique technology can further expedite video transcoding and processing while optimizing file size and output video quality.
Cutting is very common in video editing. By cutting, you can shorten a video, chop away any unwanted segments, rearrange clips in new sequence and reduce file size for YouTube, etc. In VideoProc, 'Cut' can be very flexible and can go with any other editing operation.
'Merge' helps join multiple video files, whether they are in different formats (MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV) or from different gadgets. You can merge videos while changing video lengths, aspect ratios, playback speeds, resolutiosns and file formats, without worrying about A/V sync problem. The unique "MKV Multi-Track" feature will allow you to combine different video/audio/subtitle tracks in one MKV file.
You can crop a video to eliminate black bars, remove distracting portions, zoom in and highlight the focal point and improve the image composition. You can change or expand aspect ratio to meet the requirement of YouTube, Instagram, Widescreen TV, etc.
VideoProc has diverse subtitle features: enable, disable or export subtitle from a movie, choose subtitle (language) track, add (hardcode or softcode) external subtitle files (.ass, .ssa, .srt) to videos, search subtitles online for movies and TV episodes.
VideoProc allows you to apply preset visual effects and filters, such as Grayscale, Mirror, Edge, Painting and Sharpen to your video tracks; quick moulds to artify and stylize your videos; fine-tune colors, image brightness, contrast, hue, gamma and saturation.
[b][color=#ff0000]Rotate / Flip[/color][/b]
You can rotate your video left or right (clockwise or counter-clockwise) 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees in one click, or mirror flip video vertically or horizontally.
[b][color=#ff0000]What's new[/color][/b]
• official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

[u][b][color=#ff0000]Download Details:[/color][/b][/u]
[b][color=#ff0000]Ext:[/color][/b] rar
[b][color=#ff0000]Parts:[/color][/b] 1
[b][color=#ff0000]Size:[/color][/b] 69.54 MB

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