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ANSYS GRANTA Selector 2023 R1 (23.1.1) Win x64


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[b]ANSYS GRANTA Selector 2023 R1 | 1.5 Gb[/b]
[b]Product:[/b]ANSYS GRANTA Selector
[b]Version:[/b]2023 R1 (23.1.1)
[b]Supported Architectures:[/b]x64
[b]Website Home Page :[/b]www.ansys.com
[b]Languages Supported:[/b]english
[b]System Requirements:[/b]Windows *
[b]Size:[/b]1.5 Gb

The software developer Ansys announced the launch of GRANTA Selector 2023 R1 (23.1.1) is materials selection software lets you innovate, resolve materials issues, reduce costs and validate your materials choices.

[b][i]ANSYS GRANTA Selector 2023 R1 Release Notes[/i][/b]

[i]Part of the Core Materials data (always available in Granta Selector)[/i]
Updates this release focus on improved coverage of metals and coating processes.
[b]10 new records[/b]added, including:
- Low alloy steel, 24CrMo13-6, quenched & tempered
- Low alloy steel, 40CrMoV13-9, quenched & tempered
- Low alloy steel, 16Mo3, normalized
- Low alloy steel, 10CrMo9-10, normalized & tempered
- Low alloy steel, 13CrMo4-5, normalized & tempered
- Low alloy steel, AISI 41L40, annealed
- Low alloy steel, AISI 5115, annealed
- Low alloy steel, AISI 5120, annealed
- Low alloy steel, AISI 52100, annealed
- Low alloy steel, AISI 8620H, hardened and tempered
[b]3 new process records[/b]on thermal spraying surface treatments have been added to ProcessUniverse.
[b]New prices[/b]are available for all 4,000+ materials in MaterialUniverse™, generated using Ansys's price model, based on data from the world commodity markets.
[b]Risk indices[/b]for critical materials have been updated to reflect the latest changes to the EU and US Critical Materials lists.

[b][i]Global Polymers[/i][/b]
[i]Part of the Advanced Materials - Polymers data bundle[/i]

[b]Global Polymers - Plastics[/b]

- The Plastics data table has been updated with the latest records and data from UL Prospector. This includes several new polymer datasheets and updates to existing datasheets, bringing the total number of grades to over 105,800.
- New data has been included from Producers including:
. Updated data in HU1000, PW1000, 1000F, 1000R, 1000P, 1000P100, 1000P200, HU1010, 1010F, 1010R, 1010M, 1010TC, AUT200M, AUT200AR, 1010P, 1010P200, HU2300, PW2300, 2300F and 2300R
. Genestar G1300A-M41 | PA9T has been renamed to Genestar G1300A | PA9T.

- New non-linear data has been included for certain datasheets for the following attributes:
. Specific Volume vs. Temperature
. Viscosity vs. Shear Rate
. Tensile Modulus vs. Temperature
. Tensile Stress vs. Strain
. True Stress vs. Strain
. Secant Modulus vs. Strain
. Shear Modulus vs. Temperature, Dynamic
. Shear Stress vs. Shear Rate
. Creep Modulus vs. Time
. Tensile Fatigue
. Isothermal Stress vs. Strain (TPE)

[b]Global Polymers - Additives[/b]

- The Additives data table has been updated with the latest records and data from UL Prospector, including several new additive datasheets and updates to existing datasheets, bringing the total number of additives to over 15,600

[b][i]Global Metal Specifications[/i][/b]
[i]Part of the Advanced Materials - Metals data bundle[/i]

Latest StahlDat SX and SAE International data updates have been added, bringing the total number of datasheets to over 99000. Several attribute notes have also been updated to provide additional reference information and attribute descriptions.

[b]StahlDat SX[/b]
- 2500+ records updated with latest data
- 100 new records added, including structural steels (90 records), dual phase and stainless steels
- 6 new weathering steel grades
- Curve data in mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for over 400 materials -properties now available for a wide range of temperatures between -100C and 600C
[b]SAE International[/b]
- 580+ records updated with the latest data
- 640 new records added
- 2 special alloys included - Powder, Chromium carbide plus Nickel-chromium alloy (type 1 and type 2)

[i]Part of the Advanced Materials - Aero data bundle[/i]

The latest version of the Metallic Materials Properties Development & Standardization (MMPDS) Handbook. MMPDS-17 includes:
- New data for 2196, 7050, 7055 and 7160 aluminum alloys.
- Changes and clarifications of Ramberg-Osgood data for many stress-strain figures.
- All the latest changes and updates to the MMPDS dataset, including new/updated thermal data, strength and moduli.

[b][i]Electromagnetic Materials[/i][/b]
[i]Part of the Advanced Materials - Electromagnetics data bundle[/i]

Updates this release focus on the latest data for printed circuit board (PCB) materials and EMabsorbent polymers, bringing the total number of records to over 7,600.
- 1 new Coolzorb material and 2 new Eccosorb materials (3 records) from Laird have been added, with frequency-dependent properties.
- 7 new AD-series PCB materials (64 records) from Rogers have been added, with frequencydependent properties.
- 321 other new PCB records from the Z-Zero data source have been added, including new producers Arlon (39 records) and Taconic (25 records).
- Df vs. frequency and Dk vs. frequency curves have been updated for the Rogers RO3000 series of PCB materials (44 records). Curves from the Z-Zero data source have been replaced by new curves from Rogers for these records.
- Other minor updates include:
. Thermal conductivity values have been added to some Laird records
. The Resin type attribute has been populated for more records
. Updated links to MaterialUniverse and JAHM Curve Data are included for more materials

[b][i]ASM Medical Materials[/i][/b]
[i]Part of the Advanced Materials - Medical data bundle. Online subscription accessible through links in relevant MaterialUniverse records.[/i]

- 5 materials have been added to the database to increase the coverage of materials used in FDA approved medical devices. The total number of materials in the database is now 314.
. Brass CuZn30 (soft) is an alloy widely used in medical industry for endoscopes, nerve stimulators, dentures and orthodontic devices among others
. Poly(ether Sulfone) (PESU) is a polymer used mainly for catheters, cannulas and haemodialysis devices
. Porcine Gelatin is a porcine origin material well suited for wound dressing and closure
. Porcine Pericardium is a porcine origin material commonly used for heart valves
. Porcine Skin is a porcine origin material used for bone fixation, nerve cuffs and surgical mesh. Its similarity to human skin also makes it suitable for skin models for research purposes
- The database has been updated with the latest FDA approved devices (510(k) and PMA) with links to associated materials, coatings and drugs.
- In addition, the following information has been added:
. Producers - 48 new medical device producers
. Recalls - 520 recalls related to the medical device modules covered
. Guidance documents - 44 of the latest FDA guidance documents

[b][i]Senvol database[/i][/b]
[i]Part of the Advanced Materials - Additive Manufacturing data bundle[/i]

- 279 new materials processed by additive manufacturing (AM) have been added. 88 new industrial additive manufacturing machines have been added and existing machines have been updated, including the discontinuation of 3 machines. The dataset now contains over 3,800 AM materials and over 1,700 AM machines.
- 7 new material types added.
- 4 new conventional material records added for comparison: PP with carbon fiber, PC-PTFE,low-alloy steel AISI 4130 and low-alloy steel AISI 5115

[b]Add custom Joining and Finishing processes to Eco Audit projects[/b]
You can now add custom joining and finishing processes to Eco Audit - for example, in-house processes - for more accurate estimates of energy usage and CO2 footprint. Custom processes are added to the Eco Audit product itself and are applied to the entire product, independent of the materials present.


[b]Transport methods[/b]
The number of available transport methods in the Transport section of Eco Audit has been significantly expanded. Over 50 options are now available, with energy consumption and CO2footprint data available for each. Transport methods include road, rail, sea and air and cover all standard classes of vehicles, including options for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated vehicles.


[b]Country of Use[/b]
The list of countries in the Country of use section has been expanded. The environmental impact values for product use associated with each country have been assessed and updated where appropriate, based on current environmental data.

The user experience for managing material family envelopes has been enhanced, permitting the user
to hide or show all envelopes, as well as improving the interface for creating and deleting envelopes.




The market-leading[b]Ansys Granta[/b]products have been developed over 25 years to enable you to capture, safeguard and capitalize on your organization's Material Intelligence. Ansys helps businesses digitalize their company's materials knowledge, choose the right materials for their products, and provide resources for materials education.
[b]Granta Selector[/b]combines comprehensive materials data with powerful selection and comparison tools, enabling you to make smart materials decisions. At the heart of Granta Selector is a database of materials and process properties. It comes pre-loaded with your choice of data from Granta's comprehensive library. Of particular value is MaterialUniverse - over 4,000 records providing properties for virtually every type of purchasable engineering material. A strength is that there are no 'holes' in this data - property values are either populated with known, referenced data or estimated using Ansys Granta technology. The result is that you can screen the complete 'universe' of candidate materials without excluding those for which you may not have complete data.

[i]Ansys GRANTA Selector Overview[/i]

[i]An overview of the GRANTA Selector software from Granta Design. GRANTA Selector is a PC application that enables materials experts and product development teams to find and apply materials property data. You can make better decisions in early-stage design or re-design, reduce time-to-market, and increase confidence during development.[/i]
[b]ANSYS[/b]is the global leader in engineering simulation. We help the world's most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, we help them solve the most complex design challenges and engineer products limited only by imagination.

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