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Russian pro-government movement NOD rusnod.ru


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 On August 8, 2022, hackers from Minsk, belonging to the OShS information group, hacked the server of the Russian pro-government movement NOD (https://rusnod.ru).
It was a response to the action of the NOD movement “Minsk for Russia” held on August 6 in Minsk.
As a result of the hacking, information about the members of the movement registered on the site (about 200,000 people) was withdrawn from the site and published, and a warning
was posted on the movement’s website about the further consequences of cooperation between the NOD and A. Lukashenko.
The dump leaked by the hackers contains a table with the data of GCD website users, phone numbers, names, logins, email addresses. emails with hashed passwords.



[email protected],,2f23ef57dd5f11c2795d112d330f9a42,adm_NODa,admin,admin,,,,,,"Зыков Роман",,,,,,1111111111,
[email protected],kristina777,,[email protected],"РедНОД РедНОД РедНОД",11.8.1973,Россия,,,"Россия,",РедНОД,"Крузенштерн Иван Федорович",,,,,,,
[email protected],ugv2bz11,,[email protected],"Зарипов Риф Флюрович",24.12.1976,Россия,79177709995,rifzar76,"0,","Риф НОД","Зарипов Риф Флюрович",,,,,,,
[email protected],22qazwsx,,[email protected],"Александр Трифонов",09.01.19520,"690105. Россия,Владивосток, Русская 51-А, 48.",79242312436,,Россия,"Александр Трифонов","Александр Трифонов",https://vk.com/id53836053,,,,,Пенсионер.,
[email protected],85uPXR,,[email protected],"Татьяна Карпунина",,Россия,,,Россия,karpenok007,"Татьяна Карпунина",,,,,,,
[email protected],hecnfvgf,,[email protected],"Усаров Рустам Пардабаевич",24.12.1968,Россия,79137291150,rustamp,Россия,rustamp,"Усаров Рустам Пардабаевич",http://vk.com/rustamusarov,https://www.facebook.com/rustamp.usarovrp,https://twitter.com/rustamp,https://twitter.com/rustamp,http://нод-нск.рф,,
[email protected],gjpbnbd,,[email protected],"Березин Юрий Леонидович",12.5.1975,Россия,79027211616,fischer6812,0,"brain cleaner","Березин Юрий Леонидович",http://vk.com/national_course,https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100,https://twitter.com/Fischer6812,http://fischer68.livejournal.com/,http://rusnod.blogspot.ru/,,
[email protected],#[email protected],,[email protected],,09.08.1985,,79200854090,,,,Мельников,,,,,,,
[email protected],OSjr8hba,,[email protected],,02.05.1972,,,,,,"Иван Петрович Налимов",,,,,,,
[email protected],#[email protected],,[email protected],,16.08.1975,,79853640806,,,,"Верникова Мария Яковлевна",,,,,,,
[email protected],3003907488,,[email protected],,"30 марта 1982",,79775433512,,,,"Языкова Оксана Владленовна",,,,,,,


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great thanks for sharing.

looking for RU data leaks.

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