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I”ll show you How to make a fake bitcoin transaction


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FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version  10.0.0


FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version  7.0.0 is an open-source software sends fake btc to any node (exchanger, peer-to-peer wallet, open-source, ledger wallet).


The features of FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version  10.0.0


-Work in all countries, no ip address restriction

-Send transactions with confirmation

-No transaction limit per day

-No amount limit per day

-Can send up to 500 BTC per transaction

-Stay in the wallet for more than 180 days

-100% Anonymous (clears your history after each transaction)

-You can edit transaction fees

-you can receive the balance automatically without confirmation.

-Transferable from one wallet to another

-Support all btc format address (segwit, legacy, bch )


What you need to use this software:


-A computer with a windows system (windows 7 at least)

-It also works on RDP


Admin contact :


Telegram : @btcmaker1

Whatsapp : +49 1520 2748 788‬

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