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Goldsvet 8.5 Full Version Open Source


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selling Goldsvet 8.5 Full Version Open Source

Unique offer, the new version of Goldsvet 8.5 / mrs - for offline club organization or online casino creation.
Gaming system for online and offline clubs. 
Ability to create a hierarchy of club employees: Agent, Manager, Cashier, Player.
You will find in it the management of games and system, unification of game banks. 
Improved system performance and lowered the load on the server and database. 
Added new unique interfaces, updated Laravel Framework to version 8.14.0.

Our casino script:
 1) Important! DOES NOT have IP domain restrictions.
 2) All games are also open source.
 3) Over 1000+ games in total.
 4) All games work on PC, smartphones, have HTML5 format.

e-mail: [email protected]
telegram: https://t.me/GamblingSoftDev

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