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Processing SEED Phrases and Private Keys

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Processing SEED Phrases and Private Keys

 We present to your attention CryptoCombiner service

The service provides a service for processing SEED phrases and private keys of cryptocurrencies.

Supported blockchains for verification of SEED phrases and keys:

    Bitcoin Cash
    Ethereum + All tokens + Farms + Landings + Stakings
    Binance Smart Chain + All tokens + Farms + Landings + Stakings
    Bitcoin SV
    Cardano (all)
    Bitcoin Gold
    Polkadot (all)
    Matic + All tokens + Farms + Landings + Stakings
    Ethereum Classic (ETC) + Tokens
    TRX (Tron) + Tokens
    Avalanche (AVAX) + Tokens
    Solana + Tokens

What makes us different from other services:

    Completely own infrastructure, own blockchains + third-party checkers api's tied in for a more complete picture
    Fast speed and reporting (ask the operator for more details about each case)
    Support of all supported derivation paths
    Possibility of recheck for 6 months, after which the sids are removed from the system (if your phrase will get a coin after we checked initially, you will still receive your payment)
    Ability to select keys and sids from your logs (any format)
    The presence of the deposit on the forum
    Ability to receive money in the currency you want, including clean (from the exchange, -3% of the amount)

The cost of services:
40% of the received balances from your material. 60% to you.

Work format:

sides and keys

You name the volume, send the archive under the password and expect a report on the results of the check.


logs (logs from public clouds, giveaways from forums and the like are not accepted)

you provide a link to the archive or the server, we take the logs to ourselves (our scripts do not fill anywhere) and after processing logs from our server are removed, you are given a list of syseds and keys, which were found and the result of their verification.


Tox: 1E37138685E3A1C8E80709B669C81605AC9AA888F911BF2FA99E2E2A5F0E18350BD10BA8353C
Telegram: @dr_Data_recovery
          To see the link, you must have 50+ comments (Rank User+) if you do not have you will need a subscription +Client, Gold or VIP! The link is currently hidden from you. Request a subscription from this link : --> https://forum.softinfo.org/subscriptions/
Jabber: [email protected]             
Mail address: [email protected]


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