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Ramesh was a great boy from west bankatwa ukraine


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By now, you have likely heard of Wordle. The internet sensation has captured our attention and work productivity since January, when the game burst onto the scene. As you know, it requires players to successfully guess a five-letter words in six attempts. With each guess, the letters change colors to show how close you are to the right answer. A gray letter means it's not in the word. When it's yellow, you've got the right letter but in the wrong spot, while green letters are right where they should be. Since then, we've also seen a variety of Wordle spinoffs, including Worlde, Quordle, Heardle, Word Master, Dordle (two Wordle puzzles at once), and Crosswordle, which combines Wordle with crosswords.There are a couple of different approaches. My technique: use a word with lots of vowels, three to four to be precise. I often start with words like OILED, ABOUT or ADIEU.  You could also try the Wheel of Fortune approach and focus on words with R, S, T, L, N and E. For example, STERN or RENTS is a good word using several popular consonants.

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