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[Course] University of Cybersecurity and Anonymity 2.0 (2019)


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Name: University of Cybersecurity and Anonymity 2.0 (2019)


-You beckon to the dark side, but you don't know where to start
-You want to put big cutlets in your pocket using your brain
-You want to master the most profitable destinations
-You are not a hamster who believes in a bright future working for your uncle
-You want to stop looking at prices on a Michelin restaurant menu
-You understand that a really big jackpot is earned by intelligence
-You are sick of the words "loan" and "mortgage" and set a goal to buy everything you want for real cash
-You have read all these points and are ready to fuck

You will learn:

-Set up anonymous and secure system
-Cash out dirty and gray cash receipts
-Bypass bank checks
-Hide fingerprint and IP spoofing
-Configure the security of the virtualization system
-Encrypt traffic and protect against interception
-Intercept traffic in TOR
-Ownership of our personal software
-Gain knowledge on attack vectors and measures to prevent them
-Create an isolated network without any traffic leaks

-Search for vulnerabilities using fuzzing method
-Pull Databases and monetize data
-Own Linux
-Bulk server collection
-Casting shells using Remote File Include
-Get access to servers
-Automate work
-Raise your DNS and pour traffic on it
-You will understand that data is the most expensive in the world and you will monetize it
-Work on traffic

-Configure and use viruses
-Turn downloads into money
-Understand viruses
-Bypass Antivirus
-Create and control a botnet
-Drive a car after infection
-Clean up traces after an attack

Social engineering:
-Find approaches to people
-Understand patterns of behavior
-Enter into trust
-Manipulate Behavior
-Make money on HYIPs
-Draw up plans of attack
-Avoid basic mistakes




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