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Europe falls


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< SORRY. >
        \  ^__^
        \  (oo)\_______
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Sorry is the right word to start with.
Sorry for what ?

I'm not writing this to brag about what an 31337 h4x0r I am and what m4d sk1llz...

"Before you found the precious resource" To see the link, you must have 50+ comments (Rank User+) if you do not have you will need a subscription +Client, Gold or VIP! The link is currently hidden from you. Request a subscription from this link : --> https://forum.softinfo.org/subscriptions/

We had already breached half of the health infrastructure of some European countries, someone wanted to push a button and fuck some cash (you know how baby) HSR.it
Big markets in Italy and France? real ? how many Italian assholes here in the threat would like a green pass validated? raise your hands Rfskid
In "make EU green pass" i tried to bring the problem to attention, but I'm sure some idiot is trying to get a reverse on the private key or bruteforce, friend do it with bitcoin,
come on do it with bitcoin, get a few dollars you fuck a beautiful girl and then you can even vaccinate yourself at that point fuck your passage to freedom.
I said that I have the private keys of Italy and France, I repeat and repeat it again, do I have them? Yes ! under the ass of my chair? you should define me...
Do you want to get a free green pass? and tomorrow what do you want to get a chip? hackers will surely hack your chip.


Let's get to the point, you have to fight! do not go along with the system.
Fuck in the ass, Europe.

You don't do it with flags and your hands up while an idiot speaks through the megaphone, you don't do it by logging on to a fucking forum looking for a pass,
you do it with strength, courage and your dignity as a human being.

If you are looking for today the weak link was yesterday DGA-ISSUER-WEB (Listed on our platform since August).

What we have done? ourplatform introduced unvaccinated people into the European covid vaccination system.

Your platform? which ? where do i find it?

If you are still looking you are an idiot,(green)bypass the problem or fight the problem ?

How many things went wrong? too many.
Maintaining APT positions without exposing them while doing it is crazy, you should try.
Where are the private keys ? Do you publish them?

Are you talking about providing assistance for a country like Italy? with the idiots who don't even know what they buy? do you take my word for it or do you want a chat list?
The scammers who stand in front of your service and copy the contents to collect some money from the ground, the confusion that is created in customers when they do not understand who they paid, what is legit what is scam. Scammers aren't a problem, not even the constant hack attempts, protonmail advertisements (or what idiots we had to guess he sold us that shit) account closed for FRAUD. Kind.
Someone might call it an exit scam, surely someone will.
Most idiots are scammed anyway because they prefer the promise of a cookie in 24h with an amazon voucher, rather than following and reading a 7-minute video.
Believe me, I've seen people throw money and documents into chat.
Europe should do better advertising campaigns to inform about the risks of sharing the pass and what it actually contains because we have provided 2000 and pass customers and I think 100 were really understanding what it is and how it works.


France germany macedonia. I would also say Italy, but you haven't seen an Italian pass with a fancy name. Still worth too much.
The Italy stolen private keys come from the backends of Lazio, even the newspapers know it but they mix a few words and compose articles at sensation.
I can prove to any serious reporter with documents, evidence. That we have introduced unvaccinated people into the healthcare system
and provided green vaccination passes from a platform accessible with browser tor.
What are my team and I most proud of? of having seen it done by grandmothers in their sixties.

The right platform, the right method (and I'm not talking about ours) I'm talking about what's to come...

The right education,TOR, (crypto)graphy, decentralization. It can make a difference.

If we want to talk about these issues to provide a better decentralized service we are available and we have news for you.
The news is this, my team is not short on cash, we have started providing some refunds to our closest customers who we couldn't due to too much attention, hassle and more.

However in 3 months we got around 500k.
Will we pay back all the orders not fulfilled? NO.
Why? I studied. I enjoy studying many countries.
Italy and France are the European countries most affected by these anti-pandemic measures.

An Italian girl, dead, with whom I am in love, would call him "Esproprio proletario".

After you broke the "52" and those with brains of you recommended favicon search the panels were patched. Patched? no they have moved subnets on the same ip ranges.
There are covid maps and other state shit, scan, scrape.

Is publishing fancy name passes okay? It's the best, it pisses them off man, it shows how y joke their security, their protocols.
Is publishing sp00fed pass good? Absolutely, study methods to archive many and publish them, are they revoked? It shows that they are not secure.
Did Groove go further, attack health care and hospital facilities? Europe do you want this? Italy you have the critical infrastructure stopped since 2010 do you want it?

Europe, if you pay 10 million to this bitcoin address, we'll leave you alone :


I said everything, left out a lot.
Believe me with the heart we would have liked to do it better. Heart

The surprise you see is not our fruit, this teaches you that you are not alone and there are people out there who are doing it for you.
Europe ... your systems suck, we knew it wasn't about health care, we also knew it was very much about control.
But such bad systems ....

We apologize to @kidultoneofficial (instagram) for having appropriated his work.

Art lives.

As soon as hit 25 posts, expect to see something here : To see the link, you must have 50+ comments (Rank User+) if you do not have you will need a subscription +Client, Gold or VIP! The link is currently hidden from you. Request a subscription from this link : --> https://forum.softinfo.org/subscriptions/

Dedicated to Italians.
Share, republish, translate.
Read, study and fight.


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