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 # This script will work on Ubuntu 16 

# of the same families, although no support is offered for them. It isn't

# It has been designed to be as unobtrusive and universal as possible.


# Copyright (C) 2017 SlaSerX Dev project.

# Feedback/comment/suggestions : https://slaserx.dev/

# Author Ivan Bachvarov a.k.a SlaSerX

# Last Update 23.06.2021

# Telegram: https://t.me/SlaSerX


# Ministra 5.6.1 Nulled with patch support mag5xx series by SlaSerX

# Any sharing of the script will cause it to stop working

Ministra 5.6.1 Nulled with Mag Patch v1-rc1 RELEASE
 * Ministra 5.6.1 Added MAG524, MAG520 support
 * Ministra 5.6.1 Added TVIP all revision Box support
 * Ministra 5.6.1 Added Dreambox support
 * Ministra 5.6.1 Added Formuler Support
 * Ministra 5.6.1 Full Decoded
 * Ministra 5.6.1 Licens Server Nulled
 * Automated installation process
 * Support OS: Ubuntu 16
 * fix some bugs

Download hire ?

Add me on Telegram: SlaSerX

Information on how you can download this!

If you are interested in this software / tool, write to  @root or look for it in the telegram he mentioned above

The link you don't see is a hyperlink to another website (ad)

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Looking for this every where thank you.

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This is just asking me to purchase the script from your store. I thought having VIP access here i can download this ?

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this its custom product and vip access here its not for this software :) 

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