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Free Microsoft Azure Account Methode

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1 / Go to Cloud Academy and register for a free trial
2 / It will ask some questions and put the answer as follows:
What are you trying to achieve: Get Certified
What best describes your role; Developer
Which topics are you interested in learning about Azure, Aws, Google Cloud
3 / Then after registering verify your email. (Important)
4 / Then in the cloud academy dashboard search “Logging in to the Amazon Web Services Console” and on the side, the menu chooses “Hands-On Lab” choose courser u can choose any course that includes azure work environment.
5 / Then click on Start Lab.
6 / Then it will show in username and password.
7 / Use them to log in to the portal. azure.
8 / I don’t know its validity but I think it will work for 7 days. U can make unlimited access !!


ip : usa

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thanks for the trick.

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