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Here you will be able to comment on the plans, I will also give preliminary information if a plan is changed and what is new on it! so whoever wishes can throw an Eye here too

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So I would like to announce that we have already made an additional rank User+
This rank does not differ much from the usual one that everyone has when registering User
The only plus is that a user with rang / status User+ will be able to see all the links in the forum!

Anyone who wants can have the status User+ should have only 100+ comments, but if a user with rand User does not care, then you can choose one of our packages, see them
here -> Subscriptions At the top of the subscriptions menu /subscriptions / <-

I also publish photos of where the plans are




User with rank User+ can see all links in the forum, but will not have the right to download attachments, this requires a subscription minimum +Client

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I will say a few words about the site and the maintenance: the site needs some maintenance and the money that will be invested in it will go to server costs, banners and ads.

If you want, you can choose one of the plans: +Client, Gold or VIP - with one of these plans you will have full access to the forum and with a VIP plan access to the forum will be for life!

The cheapest plan is +Client (2 euros) per month. I think it is a symbolic price, we will not get rich from the forum, but, as I said above, to be able to cover the server costs, and the forum itself to continue to be useful and not stop. ;)

More information about the plans can be found at the link?


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