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View private Instagram profile [NEW METHOD]


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he system just came again under a different name and works better now!

Its not that complicated but works most of time especially when the target has more than 60 followers

And no, this is not another "create a fake profile and send follow request" method. If you could say that one a 'method' tho...



You'll simply use Postegro the app, here is the postegro's website since its removed from playstore. You can use both it's app or the web-app

How the system works

In order to use the app, it wants you to login with instagram. When you login with instagram they'll also have access to people you are following with private profiles, so they collect it to their database and in return you can see others. Its just another collector app but people are so dumb that they use this without having the knowledge of their friend's data is also share

So when using this app make sure you are using a fake/burner account and in return you'll give them nothing. Just imagine your target has 100 followers, even if there is only one guy used this app, target is already on the database and you can access him. There was also Ghosty app with same logic, many say something happend to their database but its still a good plan B if you couldnt  access to target's profile with postegro.

Once you try to view a profile it'll try to fetch it from a user's phone in real time or the data comes from the database dunno. It takes 8 to 30 sec to load.



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Thanks for the post....

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