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Oxygen Forensic Viewer and Driver Pack

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Oxygen Forensic® Viewer is a portable tool that gives investigators the ability to share extracted and analyzed digital evidence with other departments, investigators, prosecutors, and other authorized personnel who in turn can view, search, and create reports. To share the collected evidence, save as an OFBX backup (all data) or OFBR backup (important data) in Oxygen Forensic® Detective, and give it together with the Oxygen Forensic® Viewer installation file to the person you will be collaborating with.

Product features:

    Easy-to-use interface
    Indicates the complete set of evidence extracted from mobile devices, drones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and other supported digital sources.
    Provides rich data sorting and filtering capabilities in every section.
    Offers the ability to search data as well as mark it as Key Evidence and set tags.
    Exports all or selected data to various file formats for clear reporting.

download ?
Oxygen Forensic Viewer and Driver Pack.txt

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