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Вече и в Telegram :) Softinfoo


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Здравейте приятели вече може  да ни намерите и в Telegram    и да лафим на живо.  ще има много  изненади  ?  Ще има изненада в  телеграм канала 

Заповядайте  в канала:  -->> Softinfo Bulgarian <<--    


Hello friends you can now find us on Telegram and chat live. there will be many surprises  There will be a surprise in the telegram channel

In the new telegram channel you will be able to write in English or Bulgarian.

  1. If the question is in Bulgarian we will answer you, we write in Bulgarian.
  2. If your question is asked in English it will be answered in English. ;) 

Welcome to the channel telegram  -->> Softinfo International [English] <<--    ?

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Нетфликс акаунти ли каза ?!

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Хубаво е че има и чат група :)

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