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[Quark Drainer] Seaport 1.5 | Blur&X2Y2 | Fix metamask | Permit 2 | Smart Contract


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This will take away all the headaches of lack of money



PRICE : $5 000

$5K Information

What you get when you buy for a "huge" $5 000

+ All sources of QuarkDrainer (backend, frontend, smart contract)

+ Instructions on how to install and get started.

+ Invitation to the closed community who bought [tooltip=615]drainer[/tooltip]

+ Author's manuals and articles on how to work with the drainer, traffic (5 pcs)

+ Technical support

+ Regular developments, the fastest innovations of new features (free)

[B]- I'll have to pay once a month $100 "for maintenance"

+- Maybe I'll give you a Thai massage[/B].


CREDIT : $2 000


I guess since you're looking at the option that clearly you have not worked with drainers earlier, otherwise for you would be $5k would not be a problem.

And so you buy the script on credit :))) $2k down payment =)

I put the backend on my server (I give you the frontend so you can put it on your domain and webhosting)

All the assets will go into your wallet that you give me > as soon as we see that it has $3 000 extra for the script and you get the entire kit, which is listed above when you buy for $5 000.

[B]So to this point you will not have the source / manuals, schemes / community, etc. only discussed frontend that would make up $3K[/B].


MONTH : $100


What's the purpose of this since you're not poor?

It's motivation for development. Searching for any new vulnerabilities and private implementations in the drainer functionality so that it would always remain truly #1 on the market.

Just based on the material I provide, not only will $100 seem like a "formality" to you. So you can still net it the same day and pay off $5K 🙂


QUARK DRAINER - Without a doubt No1 drainer. Here you do not go to a lottery, I hope the functionality and materials all clear without unnecessary water in this port. So here's a little bit about me, I've been coding for 6 years, 2 years since I quit working for the shops and went gray 🙂 my [B]base[/B] is ES6, Git, MongoDB, DOM, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript + React, Material [B]UI[/B], Single Page Application. When I was getting about $1750-2000/month, one scammer  found me on github and asked to do some web3 development (it was the first [B]drainer[/B] with the simplest functionality), he paid me $3000 for 2.5 weeks of work since it was my first experience and it was really boring to look at web3 libraries. After that, I had a thought as 1 person without knowledge in the right area and portfolio - paid such money. From that moment I had no problems with $ for any of my fantasies and needs. And now you see the ideal product and community in which you will be happy. If you're interested - the door is open 🙂

Which wallets does QuarkDrainer interact with?

Optimization for all devices

Metamask, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Wallet, Wallet Connect ~300 wallets ([URL]https://explorer.walletconnect.com[/URL])


Asset Withdrawal Methods

> Transfer

> Seaport 1.5 (withdraws all approved Opensea assets in one click)

> SetApprovalForAll (gets NFT collection in one click)

> Signature Message (gets assets with a signature)

> Metamask private fix (no token count, no token name, NOTHING - just a button without red plates)

> Approve (Automatic withdrawal of assets after approve confirmation)

> Permit + 2.0 (One-click withdrawal of tokens confirmed by Uniswap + Permit 1)

> Smart contract (Removing the native "main network coin" with any Airdrop/Claim/Reward/Swap/Router/Withdraw/Your Creative...)

> NFT ERC 721/1155

> BLUR, X2Y2 (Gets all approved assets in 1 click)

> Moonbirds, Sushiswap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap



In what networks does the drainer work?

It works on ALL 0x networks you can find the networks you need here: https://chainlist.org/

Configured for Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Polygon (MATIC), Avalache (AVAX), Arbitrium One (ARB), Optimism, Fantom Opera (FTM).

On request we will enable or disable networks you need.


Why Quark Drainer?

> 5 author articles (on working with drainer, traffic basics, tricks and creatives)

> 3 frontend custom builds (3 creatives you can use as a basis for your own custom builds)

> Complete tracking of victims' actions on Telegram bot

> Advanced developments - we are always the first and the best in implementing new methods and vulnerabilities for asset write-offs.

> Parsing assets and withdrawal priority

> Automatic withdrawals of any assets to your wallet once approved

> Forget about red signs or inscriptions and stuff - always be with the top-of-the-line fixes

> Backend is hosted on a VPS (server), you can put Frontend on any webhosting

> Next JS programming language, source clean code (any testing)

> Buying not from resellers/merchants, from developer directly straight from the oven

> Technical support - I answer any stupid and absurd questions (mostly online)

> Author's articles - sharing my experience in traffic, schemes and personal practice with the "money" button

> A community - a closed chat room for everyone who has bought Drainer.

> Any kind of private unique development for your needs (we discuss for extra charge)

> Ready-made websites and a lot of goodies.

> "Lifetime Warranty" - sounds bad, but it is. 100$ per month from all buyers as a subscription, so we dont quit development, innovations, fixes.

> What else do you need?


Contact Us

Telegram : quarkdev

Drainer Channel: quarkdrainer

Tox&Jabber send to PM

Whoever needs will read it

According to my observations, the scripts on the market are crap (what else would a dev write showing his product)

I'm "shocked" by what they sell for $ 350-1500 on boards, while in cryptoscam monthly turnover is 6-7 sign for each team, for me it's laughter apparently all who buy such products can not make some 10k to get out of good script for a month. Resell scripts, sell public crap or pieces of code. DAMN if you think $5 000 is expensive and ask me to sell for $1 000 - do not write me please, otherwise I will have to insult you very much. Since you probably didn't work with drainer - if you don't have couple of btcs in your crypto wallet... Thanks for your time I hope you experienced at least some emotions reading my topic

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+ 2 purchases from softinfo!
Thanks all. Community is growing 🧪

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  • 2 months later...

We already have 60 users in our private community!

Was decided to give up the option of $2k credit due to high demand in order to make the work of the support team easier and focus on development support, adding more flexible customization of the existing pages and maintaining user chat

Good luck to everyone

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This is a BUMP

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