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Black Mint Concise Beam v4.65f English 32-64-bit


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Black Mint Concise Beam v4.65f English 32-64-bit
Win | 21 MB

Concise Beam is an easy to use program for the design of precast concrete beams. Concise Beam will perform a load analysis and design checks in accordance with the latest edition of ACI 318, CSA A23.3 & S6, AS3600, or NZ3101.1. Key code parameters can be customized to simulate other design codes. The beam can be conventionally reinforced, partially or fully pretensioned. It can model any cross-sectional shape and will allow the cross-section to vary prismatically (step-wise) over the length of the beam. A graphical editor allows the user to describe any cross-section, including voids.

Concise Beam works in two-dimensions using simple beam theory (ACI B-region) but will also account for torsion along the beam. Concise Beam is NOT able to perform any analysis or design checks required for disturbed regions (ACI D-region) such as at sudden changes in section, large openings, notches, or dapped ends. The user can work in metric or U.S. Customary (Imperial) units, with a variety of individual units (i.e. mm, cm, m), and switch back and forth at will. Libraries of industry standard cross-sections and materials are provided with Concise Beam. The standard libraries can be modified, extended and customized by the user.

Black Mint Software, Inc. specializes in the development of scientific and engineering software. Current projects include applications in reinforced and prestressed concrete design, bridge engineering, three dimensional graphics with OpenGL, and finite-element analysis.

Dave Marshall, president of Black Mint Software, has over 35 years of experience in structural and bridge engineering to Canadian, American, British, and Australian design codes. He also has over 20 years of experience in engineering and scientific software development.

Homepage -


System Requirements
• O.S.: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (32-bit or 64-bit)
• CPU: Intel/AMD Dual-Core or higher
• RAM: 4 GB of system memory
• Graphics Card: 512 MB or higher
• Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space
• Display Resolution: 1280 x 800 or higher

If the links expire or we have posted new versions will be re-uploaded here:


https://pastebox.co/UDt3VKkw | Support Us & Get Help: https://pastebox.co/mKGi5bFX

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