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Siemens Fibersim 17.2.0 for NX 12-2206 Series 64-bit


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Siemens Fibersim 17.2.0 for NX 12-2206 Series 64-bit
Win | 518 MB

Fibersim - Engineering innovative, durable and lightweight composite structures
Traditional methods for analysis, design and manufacturing of fibre-reinforced plastic products are no longer suitable. Fibersim software offers capabilities for analysis and design within the manufacturing environment.

Discover the optimal product design: Traditional methods for analysis, design and manufacturing of fibre-reinforced plastic products are no longer suitable. Fibersim software offers capabilities for analysis and design within the manufacturing environment. This is essential for developing high quality, effective products.
Fibersim allows you to find the most feasible product design through simulation analysis and quickly test validity of each component. As a result, you have complete confidence in your work and the ability to deliver a high-quality product to your consumer. Produce visual renditions of core panels and aesthetically pleasing composite cross-sections for all part shapes, increasing engagement and usability of the software.

Specialised tools to overcome specific challenges: Fibersim allows collaboration between engineering, manufacturing and analysis in order to optomise performance and exceed performance, weight and cost targets. The software provides an intelligent design-to-manufacturing composite product development solution that is fully integrated into your existing 3D CAD system.
Take advantage of the industry- and part- specific composites development processes that create innovative products that are used in a wide range of sectors. The systems open architecture allows you to develop best-in-class solutions tailored to your product and process. Fibersim provides the specialised tools you need to successfully deliver innovative, lightweight composite structures.

An open and flexible software: Fibersim saves time by eliminating the need for manual creation of ply- and insert-boundary geometry so you can instead concentrate on optimising the part. Fibersim is an open and flexible software that allows transfer of cores, plies and laminates created in Fibersim to Teamcenter composite object model from NX and CATIA. Fibersim can be used in NX, CATIA or CREO to create a powerful digital twin so you can test out the validity of your product without the costly prototypes.

Unlock the full potential of composites: The benefits of composite materials derive from the ability to truly engineer the performance of the part by varying thicknesses, fiber angles, material types, and part shapes. These design variables produce essential complexity that is unique to composite parts, and link the part geometry, material behavior and manufacturing process. Only by mastering the intersection of these three characteristics can the full potential of composites be unlocked. Fibersim provides the key with flexible design methodologies that capture the specifications from analysis and efficiently flow them through the manufacturing process to produce an optimized composite part that can be produced on budget.

Manage change and navigate complexity: Change is inevitable when developing products and components. Using the Fibersim environment to create composite part design allows for the efficient input of requirements from CAE to create a CAD digital twin that can rapidly react to changes in shape and specification, all while providing reassurance and validation that the part can be created effectively. Design rules provide powerful automation in the creation of ply boundaries from minimal geometry input. Additionally advanced sorting, filtering, and renaming capabilities provide efficient tools for navigating the complexity of modern composite parts.

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System Requirements
• O.S.: Windows 10, Windows 11 (64-bit)
• Required Software: Siemens NX 12-2206 Series (64-bit)
• CPU: Multi core Intel i5 Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent
• RAM: 32 GB of system memory
• Graphics Card: 1 GB or higher
• Hard Drive: 50 GB of available space
• Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or higher

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