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What is a "spoiler" and what can it be used for.


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A spoiler is mainly used to hide large/long texts (if the text is large you must use a spoiler)
It is used by highlighting a certain text (in whole or in parts that you want to hide) and clicking on the icon from the picture.
writing similar codes in a text variant will not work, try: [hide] Text or link [/hide] , [spoiler] text or link [/spoiler] for this purpose there is an auxiliary icon that serves exactly to hide the text ( you can see it in the picture below)



Тhis picture explains where the spoiler is located (that is, where you can hide text or a link) 👇




This picture shows how I mark the selected text that I want to be in a spoiler (that is, not visible unless someone clicks on the spoiler to read the entire text) 👇

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