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(HQ)Ban Any WhatsApp NO. in 3 Steps. Working


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(HQ)Ban Any WhatsApp NO. in 3 Steps. Working


1- First You Must Have an Email Account (It must not have been used before "to close wp")

2- We are sending an e-mail similar to [email protected] to the e-mail address.

Hello dear WhatsApp Team I Lost My Phone Recently and Spam Messages Are Being Sent To My Friends Using My WhatsApp Account. Please Close My WhatsApp Account Until I Activate It Again Thanks…phone number:

3- WhatsApp Max will send you an e-mail when your account is closed within 24 hours.

Note: If You Close the Account In This Way, the Account Can Be Reopened Instantly by the Account Owner… So How Can We Keep the Account Closed Eternally/for a long time?


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