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Fosters Blocks

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Fosters Blocks

(This file was previously known as "Additional Widgets and Dashboard Blocks")

Add amazing widgets to your IPS community with Fosters Blocks!  Enhance the existing IPS widgets and blocks in your sidebars and hot zones with new blocks that cover system logs, social media, commerce, and forum.  Special attention is given to IP.Commerce, for admins who care about monetizing their communities.  

ACP Dashboard Blocks -- New blocks for your ACP Dashboard to help you manage your logs and applications.

  • System Log
  • Admin Log
  • Moderator Log
  • Not installed Applications

General Widgets -- Widgets for general use.

  • WYSIWYG Editor Block
  • Share Page

IP.Commerce Widgets -- Widgets for the store that you can use to attract more purchases.  

  • Random Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Purchased Products
  • Featured Products

IP.Board Widgets -- Widgets for your forum

  • Top Reputation Posts

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  • Submitted
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