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Text To Image Course Learn Openai Dall-E 2 Model


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Are you interested in Coding an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm that will to Generate Images From Text? I hope so!
Last updated 1/2023
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Free Download Text To Image Course: Learn Openai Dall-E 2 Model
What you'll learn
Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts
Reactjs Developers that like AI
Nextjs Developers that like AI
Web Developers that want to make a sweet application
Beginner Reactjs Skills
In this course I will be build an AI Image Generator From Text. This application will be able to create AI Generated Images From Text and allows for one to make some pretty sweet AI Generated Images!In this course I will use OpenAI Dalle 2 to generate images on a Python Flask Server. Then the AI Generated Images will be displayed in a React.js and Next.js Frontend. This course can be defined as an AI Course mixed with the basics of Full Stack Development to get you up and running with your Web Development Career!This course exemplifies a perfect Python Artificial Intelligence Project for Beginners. Why you may ask? Because as a Beginner Artificial Intelligence Engineer you will face problems when defining complex algorithms. Instead of being super difficult; OpenAI's Dalle-2 Model allows for an easy experience once you know the basics!Why become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer? There are many reasons: one being the current job market for Artificial Intelligence Jobs. Another being the fact that you can make a positive impact on society with a small amount of Python Code!Please join my course Learn to Generate Images From Text - React Python and OpenAI as it will teach you the basics of Artificial Intelligence and will allow you to learn Artificial Intelligence all while making a fun application that you will be able to put in your portfolio!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Required Materials
Lecture 2 How to Succeed in this Course
Section 2: What is OpenAI
Lecture 3 OpenAI Wikipedia
Lecture 4 How to get OpenAI API KEY
Lecture 5 OpenAI Playground
Section 3: Project Setup
Lecture 6 Setup.sh Script
Lecture 7 Editing the package.json
Lecture 8 First React Page
Section 4: The AI Image Generator Server
Lecture 9 Setup Project
Lecture 10 Install OpenAI
Lecture 11 Open AI Image Generator Route
Section 5: Building the AI Image Generator
Lecture 12 Bringing OpenAI into the Next.js Project with Axios
Lecture 13 Defining the UI for the Prompt Input
Lecture 14 Defining the UI Continued
Lecture 15 Defining the Navbar for the Application
Lecture 16 Setting the State of Application
Lecture 17 Defining the Image Component
Lecture 18 Adding Loading and setLoading
Section 6: Testing
Lecture 19 Testing the Application
Section 7: Turn the app into an AI Generated Stock Photo App
Lecture 20 Turn the app into an AI Stock Photos App
Section 8: Source Code
Lecture 21 Source Code
Section 9: Automated Stock Trading Course
Lecture 22 Automated Stock Trading Course
Section 10: End of Course Goodies
Lecture 23 End of Course Goodies
Lecture 24 React Course
Reactjs Developers looking to dabble in AI


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