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Memory Systems Number And Shape Memorize Lists,Poems,Speechs


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Published 2/2023
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Fully Memorize poems,studying material and speechs using the simplest and most effective memory system:Number and shape

Fully Memorize poems,studying material and speechs using the simplest and most effective memory system:Number and shape
What you'll learn
Learn about the history of memory systems
Memorize any kind of lists on any topic
Memorize studying material ,poems and speechs
Fully understand the memory principles and styles
Only Pencil, paper and little of patience to do all the exercise
I don't care if the list you have is talking about the organelles of a cell or critical steps to develope your online buisness ,in any case this course is the best course to memorize any kind of lists.Have you ever wondered how memory athletes are using their memory to it's fully potential? ,in section 1 of this course you will get a great understanding of: what are the memory systems and who used it first?what are the memory principles discovered by the old Greek nation ?what are the 12 memory styles ?And you will fully understand the relation of the discoveries of old Greek nation,memory principles and memory styles with the modern science classifications of left and right brain cortex.✓At the end of the section you will be provided with a multiple choice quiz to make sure you fully understand the most important concepts.In this course you will also learn the simplest and most effective memory system to memorize lists:"Number and shape", you will learn how to use it through detailed explanations of several examples provided in section 4 which consist of two kind of lists,and absolutely you will have great sufficient exercises to develope your overall memory and your usage to the system,theses exercises are also provided in section 4.The course now also include:-Document work book: which contains detailed explanation of the number and shape memory system and other important Examples and Exercises(it is provided for people with Hearing loss).-A 7 day free programme in the form of a" Ttelegram channel": it contains all kind of exercises that you can think and this programme is so especial because 1 it is free, 2 it is about only 15 minutes a day for 7 days so it is not time consuming and 3 you will improve your overall memory,imagination and creativity after you finished this really simple programme.In section 5 of this course you will fully understand: -The best practice to improve your memorization process -You will learn how to multiply this memory system by 100x to memorize lists of any kind,topic and length.In the last section you will elevate to the ultimate usage of Number and Shape memory system so you will learn:How to memorize studying material : both paragraphs and lists. You will also have a detailed explanation of an example (heart muscles) and you will have a great exercise to progressive developing of the studying material memorization process.How to memorize poems : you will get detailed explanation of how I memorized a poem called "LIFE", and an exercise to improve faster in memorizing poems.How to memorize speechs : you will also have a detailed explanation of how I memorized a complex graduation speech and your exercise is writing a very random speech and memorize it using the same steps I have used.✓ All of this usages are also provided with 3 document workbooks which contain both text and presentation and theses processes are based upon simple and effective steps that you can easily follow and understand.This course is for: _Students who want to develope their studying and memorization process✓_individuals who want to improve their memory using an effective and simple memory system and have fun in the process✓_Any one who thinks that 'he is not the best person in the world to memorize lists'✓_individuals who want to transform information from short terms memory to long terms so fast(3 minutes for 10 items) that it can be done while hearing or seeing the information source✓*please remember that in all cases you have 30day money-back guaranteed and REMEMBER: that the course will be constantly updated so it may be a bundle of courses in the next couple of months and you would have them for free,If you loved or you weren't really satisfied with the course in both cases you will gain great informations and really rare and ancient effective concepts,in both cases you would achieve what most humanity is not really aware of which is using your brain and MEMORY to it's full potential.Thank you for your time?
Section 1: Memory Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Notes to have a better experience
Lecture 3 Memory principles
Lecture 4 Memory styles pt1
Lecture 5 Memory styles pt2
Lecture 6 Left and right brain
Section 2: Tools you are going to use
Lecture 7 Memory checklist
Lecture 8 Document workbook and telegram channel 7 day programme
Lecture 9 Document workbook
Lecture 10 Free7day programme (channel)
Section 3: Number and shape system(peg system)
Lecture 11 Numbers from 1 to 3
Lecture 12 Numbers from 4 to 7
Lecture 13 Numbers from 8 to 10 and conclusion
Section 4: Example and Exercises (primary)
Lecture 14 Examples ,two kind of lists
Lecture 15 Exercises,two kind of lists
Section 5: In order to memorize ton of complex informations
Lecture 16 The writing exercise,adjectives in memorization
Lecture 17 How to multiply your memory system by 100x
Section 6: The ultimate usage of the number and shape memory system
Lecture 18 Memorize studying material
Lecture 19 Example of studying material memorization (heart muscles)
Lecture 20 Memorizing studying material document workbook , text and presentation
Lecture 21 Memorize poems effectively using the system
Lecture 22 Memorizing poems example,"LIFE" poem
Lecture 23 Memorizing poems document workbook,text and presentation
Lecture 24 Memorize speechs effectively using the system
Lecture 25 Memorizing speechs example, "graduation speech" memorization
Lecture 26 Memorization of speechs document workbook, text and prensentation
Lecture 27 Memorizing speechs exercise
Lecture 28 bonus lecture
Students who want to memorize studying material ,poems or speechs,Any beginner in using memory systems and want to excel in it by learning the principles and styles,Individuals who are curious about the topics of brain ,memory and learning

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