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Jan 9, 2018
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We strive to offer a special and individual opportunity to assist you online in case of difficulty with your electronic devices at home or in the office. We offer you a unique opportunity, with our assistance online, to help yourself, saving time, nerves and effort

  • What can we help you with - what services do we help you with online.

The highly intruding electronic devices largely make it difficult for us, although they are designed to facilitate our daily lives and create a great deal of comfort for us. We have all been in a situation with many questions, "How is this done?", "If I do what you are doing, will I get the desired effect?",
Contact us and we will find a way to solve your problem or answer your questions.
Here's what we help with:

  1. Development and maintenance of a Web site

  2. Transfer of Web sites/applications when changing hosting

  3. Management of domains and transfer of their ownership

  4. Online Support for setting up home equipment - TV, IPTV, m3u links, IP Box, Home Network, WiFi and others

  5. Maintenance and construction of Internet networks - UniFi (Ubiquiti)

  6. Setup and maintenance of home routers and switches

  7. Build and manage a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  8. Writing and editing articles for Internet blogs, pages, portals

  9. Support for Windows, Linux, Android and related components

  10. Building and maintaining IoT home systems

  11. Construction and maintenance of Video Surveillance

  12. Build/edit photos/flyers/banner/logos

  13. Assistance in shopping for goods from online stores

For prices or for something we missed, ask ?
Email: [email protected]
Discord: Vaxert#6993
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