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Aug 23, 2019
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 works for Windows and Mac. It gives you regular updates on prices, volumes and market caps for crypto listing as well as for coins and altcoins in your portfolio. There is also a news section that provides the most important headlines.

It allows you to track the value of your entire crypto portfolio as well as value for each and every cryptocurrency in that portfolio. You can also set up alerts, and unlike many other crypto portfolio trackers, this allows you to track news about cryptocurrencies in real time.

How it works


Opening the app, there is a Market, Portfolio and News sections. The portfolio section lists all the cryptocurrencies you have in your portfolio as well as the total amount of portfolio for all at the top. It provides the amount of coins or altcoins you have in each of the cryptocurrency in your portfolio and the percentage it makes in the entire portfolio.

Of course, you can click this button to add the amount of coins you have for each of the cryptocurrencies and it will convert to the base currency set in the settings button.

In addition to being able to add coins in your portfolio, you are able to track the prices for each and their price movements over a given period of time.

The news section allows you to see multiple news links and clicking on each links takes you to the news source.

Adding reminders

You are also able to set alerts for any of the cryptocurrencies. For each of the cryptocurrencies, you are able to set reminders by clicking on the bell icon besides each in the list on the market watch.

Clicking on the icon allows you to edit the reminder settings depending on desired percentages: for instance a reminder when the price reaches greater than a given value, if the daily change is over than a given percentage or etc.

There is also the market list to watch, under the “Market” button. It lists a few but you can add more coins into this list and even rearrange them in regard to which you want at the top of the list etc. Click edit from the top menu and then “done” when finished.

Adding coins to watch list and other settings

Below the list of all the coins or altcoins in a portfolio is a + button that allows you to add new coins into the market list to watch.

Clicking on this button lets you add a coin to the market list by manually inputting the name and when the coin name appears from the drop menu, you click on it and it gets added to the portfolio automatically. Therefore, it is very easy to add coins to your market list. On adding, it will pull all data about the price and the percentage change over given period of time.

From the main settings of Mammon, you are able to set the base currency of the tray and market list, as well as a different currency (if desired) for the portfolio. You can also edit the precisions (decimal points for all values), daily percentage, the notifications for breaking news and sound effects.

Other information

Mammon pulls data from coinmarketcap for coin prices, yahoo api for fiat currencies, Coindesk and Cointelegraph for news, Mammon update server for auto updates, and google analytics for basic stats about usage.

It uses the Electron development platform. It has a status bar based multi-tabbed user interface. When started, it will add a status bar item in the Mac’s menu bar. Here, it will display either a simple icon or current price of the first two coin entries in the favorite coins list.

The crypto portfolio tracking tool allows users to track data of over 700 different cryptocurrencies.


To open this link, you need to Register on the forum or have 50+ comments or topics. If you do not wish to wait, you can Upgrade your profile.

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