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Nov 13, 2019
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[-] New Features & Bug Fixes

*Added 2 types of checks to the balance in the cryptochecker (Debank, Etherscan), also for Metamask wallets the selection of passwords from the Password.txt file and the output of the Seed phrase.
In the future, the cryptochecker will be refined and improved, the ability to add your own passwords (brute) will be added.
*Fixed check Coins and LiveCenter in TikTok
* Corrected the Wallapop check (definition of duplicates, another type of log saving), Full Log saving
* Reddit fixed saving Full Log
* Fixed the YouTube monetization check, as well as the check for other channels. Now checks all YouTube channels for information.
* PasswordSearcher made it possible to create Email:pass, Login:pass databases.
* Check Gmail emails (via Filters), GooglePay now changes the UserAgent on every request. Should increase the lifetime of the cookie.

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[-] New Features & Bug Fixes

[-] New Features & Bug Fixes

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[-] New Features & Bug Fixes