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  1. Предоставям Работеща плейлиста до момента работи перфектно. Дата на добавяне: 16-09-2022г Последен тест: 16-09-2022, 16.35ч Статус: Online Следващ планиран тест за активност на плейлистата: 28-09-2022 22.00ч. Име: Bulgaria-IPTV-16-09-2022-online.m3u8 Формат: .m3u8 Валидна: Както всеки знае (или за тези, които не знаят) никой не може да гарантира дадена "плейлиста или определен канал" колко време ще работа. Ние ще се старем при "умирането" на определена плейлиста да бъде възможно най бързо заменена с нова {РАБОТЕЩА.} Час от каналите: AXN WHITE - онлайн Nowa News m3u8 онлайн SPORT+ m3u8 онлайн Diema sport 2 m3u8 онлайн Bnt 1 , 2, 3.. m3u8 онлайн MaxSport 1,2,3,4, m3u8 онлайн Eurosport m3u8 онлайн BTV m3u8 онлайн Ring m3u8 онлайн BTV ACTION HD m3u8 онлайн Още канали във файла... Файл за сваляне тук 👇 Bulgaria-IPTV-16-09-2022-online.m3u8 Ако файла, който изтеглите не работи, моля сигнализирайте! ние ще ви предоставим работещ такъв в рамките до 72ч. Забележка: Файла ще може да се сваля само от регистрирани потребители с ранг, който желае може да си обнови профила от тук ? --> Абонаменти <--
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  2. Universal IPTV Scan v2.0.8 Universal IPTV Scan | A Tool Scan User/Pass & Combo Lists UNIVERSAL IPTV SCAN v2.0.7 is a tool that works very fast. Mac, user: pass and admin panel can be scanned. Attached is a combo list of 1.7M user: pass. Worth a try. It is activated by double-clicking on the text key and paste to the activation field. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQKlMiY3UOOKI5IokypaRDs0fRnv4lCex0b5TipBnyo7keVnbMNpHgdA0xLxoyW9alSL6k&usqp=CAU https://onehack.us/uploads/default/original/3X/b/f/bf9595e87f90711b7bc00b3d8c9595a8ce3f46df.jpeg Link
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  3. What is this program?: This is a brute force! ( IPTV Cracker) The program is ideal for a beginner or a slothful person. Minimal settings with speedy results. You do not need understand how and what works - loaded combos and the proxy list chose the site and got the result! You can get very easily IPTV lists of different servers! Dear friends, the first version of the program was released a year ago. There were a lot of changes, starting from a very simple version, gradually the program turned into a fairly powerful solution. In honor of this event, I decided to release a special version on the old, classic engine. The main priority was placed on the speed of work. If you use simple servers without protection, this version of the program will give you a speed 3 times higher than 5.11! You can use 200, 300 and 500 threads, it all depends on the server. The program code has changed by 30%. I went back to a brighter design. There were a lot of fixes, and protection against incorrect actions was added. In essence, this is a completely new program with utilities that you are used to. Another important innovation is that you can now check the channel lists whether they work or not! What's new? and Functionality: Old, classic engine placed on the speed of work Classic interface without additional colors Get playlists is easy! Added your servers to the list in 1 click Update combo list (all ~ 23100 combos) and added 2 more lists with about 75,000 combos! I added a proxy checker. Multithreaded, fast and without extra fields! Proxy can now be checked while the program is running Smile Added Converter Emails to Combo list . See video https://www.youtube....h?v=5ehxRhJQPCA Finalized Mass Check IP + Find Corporate Subdomains (Easier editing lists IP) The program has Search Corporate Subdomains Added mass editing of ip address list Update server list. Added IPTV DNS Servers List (..lots and lots^^) Added Mega List IPTV Servers ( ~ 1600 servers) Support for any type of proxy, it is also possible to work without a proxy, for example, using pvn using 2-3 threads, this is just as real Different user agents - automatically change at work, it becomes more difficult for us to block Improved brute force algorithm - the program finds 99% of errors, including bad requests through the proxy: status codes: 400, 403, 500, 502, 503, 429, etc. All this is handled by the program. Also try different types of proxy, some servers work better with the Socks proxy type The most critical problem that arose was locking us from the server on requests. I tried to solve it by changing the user agents with brute and adding socks proxies for a more incognito mode. Now it will be much more difficult for the server to track all requests and block us. Support combos ( : or ; ) and proxies ( : ) Sound with a successful find! All Errors will be checked automatically until the result is either good or bad. So on all my programs https://mega.nz/file/hAI0QbiB#BBkK0r0iVBYQMEzc0Nj-WUVxfIL93YfBVc1QCZ1Qspk
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  4. Today I have uploaded the Twitter Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy! |Notes| In 2016 the Social Media website twitter had a lot of it's users data leaked, 71,644,773 user's data was breached that contained plaintext passwords and usernames. The data was obtained various ways such as a spyware that was released caught 40m of those 70m accounts data and breached it. ?Download the file from the link?
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  5. Today I have uploaded Facebook Data Leak for you to download |Notes| In August 2019, the social media platform Facebook suffered a large leak of private user information through an exploited vulnerability which allowed for the information of 533 million of their users to be scraped and later published. The exposed data includes names, birthdays, phone numbers, users' unique identifiers, emails, relationship statuses, occupation, and account creation dates. I would like to warn users this leak is 77.2GB uncompressed and 10.4GB compressed. Compromised data: Phone Numbers, Geographic locations, Names, Birthdates, Occupations, Relationship statuses, Account creation dates, and Email Addresses where applicable Download file ? By downloading the file you will see a download link Facebook Data Leak 2019.txt Notes: To download the file you will need a subscription plan. you can update your account here >> Subscriptions <<
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  6. MAGConverter converts/determines all information from the URL provider based on the MAC address 1. Enter the Provider Real URL here. Example "http://kebap.party:2086" 2. Enter here the MAC address of the device. Example "00:1A:79:AD:9D:19" 3. Click on the Start or Start&Playlist button Output: Expiry Date -> June 25, 2021 Server -> Username / Password -> ge5csp9YtB/atjk7sEE9JWC64RDwxhi playlist in this directory -> http://destiny4k.com:2086/.txt (for input into the STB-Player) MAC&Expiry Date, Server and Username/Password are alternatively available for further processing in the clipboard Only works with a few providers !! Than you insert the username and password in youre line: And now you have a working M3u line MAGConverter.zip Note: The file can be downloaded only by registered users with a rank, who wishes can update his account here -> Subscriptions <-
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  7. Mac adreses, iptv lists, iptv tools.... https://balkaniptvclub.com/forum/ [img]https://i.imgur.com/u29t1ut.png[/img]
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  8. Бях писал по нагоре за рапида, който е друг адрес на този и затова няма смисъл от макчета. 7-листи са, пресни и топли. Паролата се състои от вторите имена със главни букви слято от ляво на дясно и на кирилица. Целта е просто да се удължи живота им, като се избегнат чужденците. Тези, които не ги знаят да не ми пишат глупави въпроси на лични.
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  9. http://012345x.com:999/c/ 00:1A:79:0E:55:3A Unlimited
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  11. http://begeniptv.xyz:8080/c/ 00:1A:79:3F:6A:AE May 26,2022
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  12. Version 1.0.0


    Един добър tool лесен за работа позволяващ генерирането на мак адреси за вашите портали емулатори и т.н
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  13. Български m3u8 канали има "диемите" и "MaxSports.." Bulgaria-softinfo-org.m3u8
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  14. Astra Cesbo 5.64 Cracked is a professional software to organize digital broadcasting service for TV operators and broadcasters, internet service providers, hotels, etc. Astra is an acronym for “advanced streaming application”. Astra supports many protocols and standards to receive channels from different sources. Received channels prepares and transmits into the IP network. Built-in scripting language (Lua) allow to customize business logic of the application. Astra Cesbo 5.65 Cracked Receiving streams DVB, ATSC, ASI IP: UDP, HLS, HTTP, RTSP MPEG-TS Files Processing Preparing channels DVB-CI Descrambling Streams Analyzing Redundant Sources Management Responsive Web-Interface Realtime monitoring Telemetry charts and reports API Streaming Access authentication Preparing streams for cable, terrestrial, and satellite networks IP: UDP, HLS, HTTP ?Download? Download Add me on Telegram: SlaSerX Information on how you can download this! If you are interested in this software / tool, write to @root or look for it in the telegram he mentioned above The link you don't see is a hyperlink to another website (ad)
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  15. http://line.4k-ott.com:80/get.php?username=D347C3&password=475549&type=m3u_plus&output=mpeg
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  17. Здравейте,тук ще може да си поръчате сериал или филм/и,а Аз,ще ви давам M3U файл който може да се отвори в някой плеър като VLC,DA-PLAYER,всички IPTV плеъри и др. Ако ви е станало ясно пишете ми какво искате ако не ви е ясно пример,ще да сега: :ПРИМЕР: Иванчо гледа или иска да гледа сериала "The Witcher" (Вещерът) , Но на Иванчо му е писнало да влиза в разни сайтове за онлайн филми да гледа по 50 реклами и да му изкачат по 100 прозореца с вируси и порно. В такъв случай Той ми пише - Брат,дай ми The Witcher сезон 1. Тогава аз в най-кратко време му давам М3У файл и/или Линк (каквото си пойска той) Включва си телевизора/ТВ БОКСА отваря Da-Player,добавя файла или линка който съм му дал и готово. Вече когато и да реши просто отвая Да-Плеър клика на The Witcher и си го гледа. Така може да Пойска също още и Светкавицата Сезон 5 примерно и Стрелата Сезон 2 и като отвори плеъра си,ще има и трите. ВАЖНО: Опция Аудио. Може да кажете дали го искате с БГ АУДИО,ТУРСКО АУДИО или Оригиналното Английско със или без вгадени субтити по ваш избор. Но АКО филма няма БГ аудио а вие го искате с бг аудио няма как -- Оставям файл с няколко филма тук в поста,който иска може да го пробва. Филми.m3u
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  18. Този определено ще издържи повече от 24 часа.Рамотава се повече от година в интернет сайтовете за иптв. Много от бг каналите отдавна не работят, но пък ще издържи.
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  19. Портала е добър. Днес за първи път го видях. Евала. Подредано.
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  20. Giwavay 130 EUR No 1 Balkan Forum Register for freee https://balkaniptvclub.com/forum/
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  21. Белгийска шматка можеш ли един път да дадеш на хората нормално работеща листа и да изкара повече от 24 часа ? Поздрави!
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  22. http://ay82.aatvbox.club:8880/get.php?username=xzyc6m0969&password=Tw6LYDceHP&type=m3u_plus
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  23. Да продължим файла с програмите с Българско Аудио и Български субтитри.. Ако забележете програма която има Българско аудои или е с БГ-субтитри, който желае може да е качва във файла и така този файл да бъде обновяван с нови и нови Български програми и програми със субтитри. Bulgarian-IPTV-Chenals.odt
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  24. Един стабилен чаршаф със 12 хита и от мен. Добро качество на бг канали. ?
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