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Оператори на интернет, телевизия, GSM и домашни телефони.


  1. Обсъждаме услуги и мнения на Vivacom

    vivacomtv.gif Денонощен телефон: 0700 17 000, или 123 ако сте абонат на оператора, Спътник Intelsat 12 (45E) Списък с честоти и параметри на програмите от 

  2. Обсъждане услуги и мнения на Булсатком

    bulsat4.gif  Безплатен денонощен телефон 24/7 : 0800 13 800  Спътник Hellas SAT 2 (39E) 

  3. Обсъждане услуги и мнения на A1

    logo_a1-transparant.pngГорещ телефон: *88  само ако сте абонат на оператора,  за останалите оператори +35988123, Спътник Eutelsat 16A (16E)


  4. Обсъждане и коментари на останалите Български оператори

    Тук ще обсъждаме услугите и качеството на останалите локални и не локални български оператори. 

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    • Free Download HitPaw Video Object Remover (x64) Multilingual Free Download | 401.3 Mb Freely and intelligently remove unwanted objects from video with the help of HitPaw Video Object Remover. This smart tool will automatically track the object's movements with AI Power. Remove Object from Video with AI Power * Remove unwanted objects, people, and clutter in 3 seconds * Automatically track and identify the object movement with AI-recognition * Easily remove background of video in 1-2-3 steps * Accurately adjust the removed area with the magic selection brush Intelligently Remove Unwanted Objects from Video Get in trouble with unwanted objects in your video? With this stunning object eraser, things will become easier when you want to remove object from your video background. The AI technology will lock the object trajectory automatically, and restore the details in video background, so as to perfectly remove the whole lot in one go. Easily Remove People from Background in Video * Without bidding farewell to the past, how to look for the possible future? This smartest AI object remover will clean up and sweep the EX-partner from your favorite video as if they were never there. * Get this best people remover tool and take the boldest shot. By automatically locking the movement of the unwelcomed tourist, our powerful removal feature will bring your video to the flawless effect you desired. Miraculously Remove Background in Video Like a Charm Get away from the headache caused by messy background of a video with the help of HitPaw Object Remover. Download and try this amazing background eraser to remove the background of video, and you can easily change your background to be transparent or just keep a green screen filling of the video background. One click, and things better. Operating System:Windows 10, 11 Home Page- Click Open Download Link Below Here Links are Interchangeable - Single Extraction
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