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Имате проблем с някоя игра? Търсите определена игра, но не й знаете името? Търсите игра подобна на.... Искате да намерите сейфове на игра или компания, с която да разцъквате? Отговорите на всички тези въпроси са в този раздел.


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    Тук можете да публикувате ревюта на вашите сървъри.

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    PSP, Playstation, Xbox и други.

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[b]Geometry Enhancements[/b] - Horizontal regression tools, previously available only in OpenRail, are now available in OpenRoads. - Added compass rule adjustments to Geometry Builder tool. - Added the ability in Geometry Editor to check geometry integrity and show any error locations with a graphical symbol. - Added the ability in Geometry Editor to access the Check Integrity reports directly from the dialog. - Added the ability in Geometry Editor to save XML files to help manage geometry changes. - Added a new Point Filter tool to allow for the filtering of both survey and geometry points based on properties such a Name, Feature Code, 2D/3D, etc. - Enhanced the Profile from Surface command to allow for an "interval" sampling option. - Exposed the Hand parameter for Clothoid and Arc in the properties dialog. [b]Terrain Enhancements[/b] - Added a new Analyze Line of Sight tool - Enhanced Edit Terrain functionality so that the de-activation of the terrain prior to use is no longer required. - Improved the ability to delete internal triangles. - Terrain edits are now remembered and will not be lost if the terrain is re-processed. [b]Modeling Enhancements[/b] - New Create 3D by Drape Element Tool that works on both civil and non-civil elements. - Enhanced Civil Cells to allow for the propagation of design standards during placement. - Added a prompt to the Quantity by Named Boundaries tool that gives users more information when enabling the creation of clipped graphics. [b]Item Types Enhancements[/b] - Added additional item types for Corridors and Surface Templates [b]Drainage and Utilities Enhancements[/b] - The Place Nodes command has been extended so that it can now place inlets according to spread criteria - The required sump depth can now be automatically applied to nodes when conduits are placed - Flow arrows can now be annotated on conduits in plan and profile - Support for the TR-55 method of calculating Time of Concentration has been added such that catchments which have been automatically delineated can now use their flow path to define hydraulic lengths and slopes for each required flow regime - Channel elements are now better represented in the 3D model. Previously, a trapezoidal shape was used. Now, a mesh is used, which morphs between the start and end nodes - The properties for Utility nodes now include information on the connected links. Up to eight incoming and eight outgoing links are supported. - You can now delineate a catchment to a point, as well as to an inlet - The Elevation (Rim) value has been added to the Drainage and Utilities category in the Civil properties - The units used for the conduit slope value in the Drainage and Utilities category in the Civil properties can now be set in the design file settings - The Time Series Control Data dialog is now available. This can be used to vary how some controls operate over time, when using the SWMM Solver [img]https://i121.fastpic.org/big/2023/0325/f1/9b7ef0faf9175e3ac0393d7c55555cf1.jpeg[/img] [img]https://i121.fastpic.org/big/2023/0325/4f/bf91b9d49f5ea4cbeb45a2111abe824f.jpeg[/img] [b]OpenRoads Designer[/b]is an extremely versatile civil design application that is used for all types and sizes of civil projects around the world. 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